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InterVision 2020 Predictions: Solving for Data in States of Storage, Deployment and Usage

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By Jeff Ton, SVP, Product Development & Strategic Alliances at InterVision

The Challenge of 2020: Solving for Data in States of Storage, Deployment and Usage

As I look back at 2019 and the changes that shaped the IT landscape this year, we saw more widespread adoption of solutions that both run on and regurgitate datasets in efforts to improve business intelligence. We are increasingly seeing the role of data in enabling futuristic technologies like data analytics, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). With 2020 on the horizon, everything is trending toward how and why companies use their data to serve consumers, make decisions for competitiveness, and iterate operations to improve profitability. For this reason, I think that one of the biggest challenges of 2020 will be how companies can secure a reliable storage, deployment and usage posture for their datasets.

What Data Needs

Datasets need to move around fast during usage and deployment stages, but also securely. While in a storage or archival state, data must have the proper security controls in place to protect against unwanted exposure. Indeed, the cybercriminal community will continue to evolve and any gaps in security coverage will be an opportunity for exploitation. The problem is that there's no clear solution yet that solves for data in all its stages of use simultaneously.

Options That Currently Exist

In the market currently, cloud has emerged as one good option to both solve for storage and active usage needs, but it's the connecting between these two areas that needs improvement, since any leaving the cloud presents vulnerability in transit. Indeed, data can move around in an active/active environment fairly easily. However, getting that same data to an archive or storage state demands encryption to solve for the security risks during transit. There are several tools that have emerged to support this objective, but nothing all-encompassing yet.

Other options that focus around data storage include containers, data marts and data lakes. While containers have gained in popularity and work well for storage and deployment, they don't allow data to remain persistent without great difficulty. Similarly, data lakes work well for storage but can get overwhelming if not organized strategically, since it can be such a massive repository. Other options that store data securely risk closing off information that's needed to be accessible across multiple departments, sometimes even needed to simultaneously communicate across several applications. These data silos can lead to slowed business functions in an era where moving fast can be the difference between business won and lost.

Where's Your Data?

Continually, we'll see business executives and stakeholders asking IT groups, "Where's our data?" And IT teams will need to have a good answer for them, that both supports their short-term projects and company's long-term goals. The evolving cybercriminal landscape in 2020 will not help either, since major breaches will gain news coverage and be top of mind for many.

There's no good solution either, since the perfect option hasn't arisen yet-despite a growing adoption of technologies that completely depend upon datasets to run. As a result, the primary challenge within the IT space in 2020 will be in innovating a solution that works for the entire lifecycle of data, from storage, deployment and ongoing flight. It's becoming more and more of a pain point in the IT market and the vendor that does eventually solve for this need will reap huge benefits, possibly dominating the landscape for decades to come.


About the Author

Jeff Ton 

Jeff Ton is the SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances at InterVision, and author of "Amplify Your Value: Leading IT with Strategic Vision." 

Published Monday, November 11, 2019 7:44 AM by David Marshall
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