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Altaro 2020 Predictions: Industry-Altering Technologies to Keep an Eye On

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By Andy Syrewicze, Tech Evangelist at Altaro

Industry-Altering Technologies to Keep an Eye On

One of my favorite quotes to this day is one I heard from one of my industry idols, Microsoft's Jeffrey Snover. I don't recall the quote verbatim, but it was along the lines of: "If you don't like change, you should go become a lumberjack, because that industry is much the same as it was 80 years ago".

He's right of course. Ours is an industry where the pace of change can be as often as weekly, depending on the technology area. This can make long term predictions somewhat difficult, but there are a few things I feel I can safely predict if I break out my crystal ball.

Containers Will Continue to Change the Industry

Containers, long a "dev thing", have seen a somewhat slow adoption amongst the operations folks. IT Pros have struggled somewhat to visualize the use-cases and historically vendors have been slow to help. However, this trend shows signs of changing. Microsoft and now VMware are both making huge investments in bringing additional containerization technologies and features to the market, including tight integration with Kubernetes. Many of these investments will bring containers more into the realm of the IT Pro via management of underlying hardware and technologies.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption Will Continue to Grow

As many organizations are hesitant to go whole hog into the cloud, many are taking the more cautious hybrid approach. This is often due to regulatory reasons, legal reasons, or trust issues. Many organizations see the value into the cloud but are starting with only certain workloads. I see this trend continuing for some time, and those admins and vendors that are able to manage and provide value to both public and private clouds effectively will be in high demand.

Ransomware Will Continue to Be a Rampant Mess - Especially for Service Providers

I'd be willing to bet that everyone knows someone who's been hit with ransomware. As an industry we've seen nothing but a large up-tick in ransomware infections and variants over the last year, but one trend is increasingly worrisome. Ransomware bad-actors have found high levels of success in targeting service providers specifically. Often managing thousands of end-point across multiple customers, service providers are a ripe target that has created a large opportunity for ransomware creators. One that provides access to more end points and potentially more money to collect. As always, the industry fights back, but I predict it will still be quite a while before this issue is solved for good. In the meantime, make sure your backups are up to scratch!


About the Author

Andy Syrewicze, Tech Evangelist at Altaro

Andy Syrewicze 

I currently have the distinct pleasure of acting as a Technical Evangelist for Altaro Software, makers of Altaro VM Backup, to whom I provide technical marketing and pre-sales expertise. I'm heavily involved in IT community, on Altaro's behalf, in a number of different ways, including, acting as editor for all Altaro community platforms, podcasts, webinars, blogging and public speaking. Prior to that I spent the last 15+ years providing technology solutions across several industry verticals working for MSPs and Internal IT Departments. During that time I've become and expert in VMware, Linux, and Network Security, but my big focus over the last 7 years has been in Virtualization, Cloud Services and the Microsoft Server Stack, with an emphasis on Hyper-V. Outside of my day job, I spend a great deal of time working with the IT community. I'm a published technical author, a professional speaker, and blogger. Additionally I've had the great honor of being named a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP by Microsoft. I have a passion for technology and always enjoy talking about tech with peers, customers and IT pros over a cup of coffee or a cold beer.

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