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Exadel 2020 Predictions: Low Code Development Platforms as Centerpiece to Innovation

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By Lev Shur, President of Exadel Solutions

Low Code Development Platforms as Centerpiece to Innovation

Over the past several years, there has been a boom around emerging technologies. Gartner reports that in 2019 corporate strategy teams will spend on average "26% of [their] time to investigate emerging trends." While the hype and investment in these technologies are real, the complexity and cost are even more real. The problem we continue to see is organizations throwing massive amounts of budget and resources at building a project around emerging technology without first understanding what the return on investment will be - or if there is even a chance for return at all.

When watching companies like Microsoft make AI a reality or IBM rise to the top with blockchain solutions, it's easy to want to hop on the trails of those successes. The thing is, not every company has the budget and bandwidth that mega enterprises have to build, test and fail on repeat until something clicks. While there can still be a lot to learn from failure, failing to deliver on a several hundred thousand-dollar (or more) investment can make or break a business. Plus, with the continued proliferation of emerging technologies (AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, bots) the complexity only rises. This leaves many organizations at a crux - either spend like crazy with a good chance of missing the mark or lose out on an opportunity to grow the business with emerging technology.

So, how can the average enterprise test emerging technologies without breaking the bank?

One trend we have seen over this past year is a resurgence in the adoption of low code development platforms. However, their original claim to fame and the reason for their re-emerging popularity is speed, not innovation: apps need to be delivered quickly, and nobody waits years for ROI anymore. That said, they have the potential to be innovation drivers, and they should be!

In 2020, we see low-code development platforms becoming the centerpiece to innovation. The key to priming these platforms to deliver on innovation is to provide pre-integrated "innovation modules," which is not a requirement when building enterprise apps, but it's a requirement to experiment with new technologies without incurring a lot of pain and cost. There is also an important distinction to consider: there are low code platforms for specific technologies (e.g. chatbots, blockchain, etc.), and there are integrated enterprise low-code development platforms. To drive innovation, you need to combine the capabilities of both: an integrated low code development platform that is augmented with innovative technologies so you can build end-to-end apps quickly that can test different technologies side-by-side. There are two ways to integrate these capabilities: by providing proprietary innovation modules (expensive and hard) or integrating other people's modules (fast and easy).

Of course, fast and easy is the name of the game so at Exadel we launched the Innovation Cloud, a low-code development platform aimed at providing tech leaders with the tools and support they need to build and test emerging technologies. The Innovation Cloud is a virtual platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere and comes with expert consulting services to guide the rapid development of an emerging technology app. While the focus thus far has been around building blockchain and chatbot apps, in 2020 we look forward to increasing the number of capabilities available. Enterprises of all sizes need to be able to keep up with the pace of innovation and we are excited to see what new technologies arise in the coming year.


About the Author

Lev Shur 

Lev Shur is the President of Exadel Solutions ( He is responsible for the strategy, sales, and delivery of industry solutions, along with managing key alliances and partnerships. Lev is a seasoned business development executive and software entrepreneur. His successful career also includes software development and technology consulting. In 2010, Lev merged 741 Studios, a financial technology consultancy he founded, with Exadel. Under his leadership, 741 Studios experienced exponential growth and earned a respected reputation with its clients, including American Express, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and UBS. 

Published Thursday, November 14, 2019 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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