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Is AI Really Important In Software Test Automation?

By Stella Murugesan, Digital Marketing Analyst, Indium Software

In layman language, artificial intelligence or AI refer to the specific niche of computer science which emphasizes on making the machines as intelligent. Thus, it aims to provide ability to the machine to learn and take decisions like a human being. Thus, a machine with artificial intelligence feature is capable of learning, about how to react in specific circumstances and take specific decisions in the future, in accordance with the learning.

Implementation of Artificial intelligence is still in its early phase in most of the fields and thus it is going to take a lot of time for the proper functioning of the artificial intelligence. The Artificial technology of today can be used to handle a plethora of laborious tasks which do not need a lot of complicated decision making.

Reasons why software development industry require Artificial intelligence

Like most of the industries, the software testing industry is undergoing immense evolution since the beginning. In the earlier phase, the development cycles used to be of long duration owing to which the time for testing was much more. However, with the rapid evolution of the market, the need of the hour is reducing the testing, development and deployment time, and releasing the new versions effectively as soon as possible.

It is not possible to fulfill these needs till the organization adopts test automation in terms of testing, mundane development and deployment tasks. The Software testing companies need to recognize the repetitive as well as similar tasks and they should analyze the same for the possibility of the test automation.

As you are giving a consideration to software testing tasks, you need to know that there are a wide array of tasks why needs to be done by the QA testers several times. If you opt for automation testing, you can be ensured that they are going to be highly beneficial in the long run. For instance, a set of test cases needs to be performed each time, a deployment occurs.

Apart from the repetitive and mundane tasks, there are certain kinds of tasks which are almost similar in traits and have minimal difference. As these tasks are automated, the work of a software tester becomes very easy. An instance of such kind of task is the maintenance of the automated UI test cases which will fail every time there is a change. For instance, if there is a change in the name of a UI element, the name of the element should be changed in the test automation tool and the test case will run fine.

Benefits of Artificial intelligence in software testing

Most of the software testing tasks are known to have a factor of redundancy and repetition. Hence, the QA companies are sure to have a wide array of automation. Also, there are certain tasks that can be accomplished easily by the artificial software. Some of these tasks include:

Creation of test case for one type of field

The artificial intelligence requires recognizing what type of test cases should be run for each kind of field and automating them for execution.

Execution of test cases, in accordance with the changes

As the artificial software has a prerequisite understanding what are the areas that have changes in the code, it is capable of conducting risk analysis and deciding what are the test cases that should be executed for ensuring that there are no specific follows before its launch in the market.

Test planning

Here, it is essential to plan all the test cases for a new feature and tips for execution of the test cases.

Automation of similar kind of workflow

As the software tester automates each workflow, the Artificial intelligence software will be learning the tips for the automation of similar type of flows, thereby saving an ample amount of time.

Maintenance of test cases once changes are introduced in the code

Artificial intelligence software plays a vital role in rectifying the software in maintaining the test cases which tend to break with the introduction of minute changes in the code.

UI testing

AI based software is capable of generating the test cases which are capable of testing every UI testing workflow.

Load testing and performance testing

AI software is also useful for the generation of load testing and performance testing.

Testing before the product launch

Artificial intelligence software is capable of deciding what are the test cases that should be executed, before the launch of a product in the market. It is also capable of creating test plans automatically.

Just like automation plays a vital role in reducing the repetitive and manual work for the testers, artificial intelligence is effective in reducing the repetitive work, with additional intelligence. It is known to learn solutions for issues for the future while learning about the solutions to the similar solutions, which have been faced in the past.

It indicates that the Quality Assurance testers should continue to do what they are doing already. Artificial intelligence based test automation tools are considered to be an ideal choice for bringing an improvement in the efficiency of the Quality assurance team.

Thus, if a software tester gains success in using artificial tools properly and effectively, it is possible to increase the overall quality of the software before its launch in the market.

According to studies, more than seventy percent of the tasks which are performed by manual Quality assurance tester are known to be automated through artificial intelligence. It is going to increase your profits and boost the return on investment of the business.

Thus, Artificial intelligence is considered to be an integral part of software testing, primarily in software test automation.

Artificial tools in the market

There are a bunch of test automation tools which are powered by artificial intelligence such as standard selenium which are useful in the automation of software test. Testsigma contributes to being a cloud-based and continuous testing tool which makes use of NLP for the creation of test cases.

In addition to this, it is powered by Artificial intelligence for the maintenance of all kinds of automated test cases. Owing to this, the automation of different test cases is really easy and thus the stakeholders for the project like product managers, project managers, and developers can get involved in the automation of test cases effectively.


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