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SurveyGizmo 2020 Predictions: Driving Action from Governed Feedback

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By David Roberts, CEO of SurveyGizmo

Driving Action from Governed Feedback

Today, nearly every company gathers some form of feedback - customer, partner, employee - via surveys. This research is used to improve products, customer experience, and employee engagement. Typically, each department within an organization has the freedom to choose and buy their preferred survey tool to give them the freedom to create the best survey for their needs. The result is several different tools are used across a company, which means there's no consolidated view or oversight of the feedback data.

1.  Survey data will be better governed than it is today. Running surveys is very easy because buying and using survey software is very easy. A credit card and a little imagination is all that's required. But nearly every survey contains personally identifiable information (PII). And if IT isn't involved in the purchase, setup, and management of the survey software, it's unlikely that the data is governed, creating a potential compliance risk for the company. In 2020, more companies will look to provide survey-building freedom while simultaneously delivering data governance by standardizing on single feedback platforms.

2.  Feedback data will be integrated directly into existing systems to drive action. Most survey data ends up in dashboards and pie charts to be presented at meetings for discussion and debate. But the people who provide feedback expect action. In 2020, more companies will integrate feedback directly into existing CRM, customer-support ticketing, and other customer-management systems to take immediate action on the feedback provided. This will allow companies to close the loop with their individual customers instead of viewing them as an aggregated number in a pie chart.


About the Author

David Roberts 

David’s passion for helping companies create customer-centric cultures is what attracted him to SurveyGizmo. He’s been building great relationships between companies and customers since he was a founding member of Accenture’s Customer Relationship Management Practice. SurveyGizmo gives him the opportunity to revolutionize customer engagement by integrating the best feedback into companies to drive immediate and meaningful action. Prior to joining SurveyGizmo, David was a Partner at Accenture and most recently the CEO of ReedGroup.

Published Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:24 AM by David Marshall
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