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Liquidware 2020 Predictions: Ready or not, Desktops are Going Cloud, and Cloud Staging will Increase

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By Jason E. Smith, VP Product Marketing, Liquidware

Ready or not, Desktops are Going Cloud, and Cloud Staging will Increase

Major organizations will continue to adopt cloud hosted Windows desktops in 2020, and it's no longer a matter of "if" but "when" that will happen. The leading enabling platforms - Amazon WorkSpaces, Microsoft WVD, and Nutanix Xi Frame - are now mature enough, and the use cases now are too prevalent, for massive desktop cloud adoption not to happen. 2020 will continue to see large customers adopt these platforms, as well as Citrix and VMware cloud desktop transformations.

The question you need to ask yourself right now is, "Is my organization's Windows desktop enterprise ready for the shift?"

Let's be clear, not all desktops will be good candidates for cloud hosted desktops this year but many clear uses cases are obvious candidates for these emerging desktops. Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst for Cloud, Mobility and Security at Enterprise Strategy Group echoed similar thoughts with me just this week on a call saying, "VDI Deployments that have been used for specific use case will be the first desktops to move to a cloud model." In particular, the easiest use cases are adopting cloud desktops first, such as call centers and task worker type use cases.

Just like VDI, additional use cases will follow, including knowledge worker type jobs. Knowledge worker adoption is exactly where the cloud hosted desktops will see exponential adoption.

What's your Plan for 2020?

The reality of this movement to cloud hosted Windows desktops is that you need to have your organization ready. Even if your current desktops are performing great and you are seeing good ROI, you need to be poised to take advantage of the innovation that cloud desktops deliver. In 2019 Liquidware saw many of its customers start leveraging Microsoft Azure, Amazon, or Google cloud storage with their current on-prem environments. With innovative support of cloud and object-based storage embedded in Liquidware's adaptive desktop management suite, transitions of user centric data and apps are completely automated. Liquidware's suite can be leveraged to "Cloud Stage" smart user profiles, user authored data, and can become a central hosting point for user experience data, making it easy to transition your organization's most important desktop and workspace data to the cloud.

Cloud Staging - what is it? How can I leverage it in 2020 and beyond?

The act of Cloud Staging is simply readying your organization to make a seamless switch to cloud-hosted desktop.  You can start by hosting your data and, perhaps, some or all of your on-prem desktop data in the cloud. Once you have leveraged the cloud as the backbone of your organization's desktop storage, you'll be ready for a one-click transformation to cloud desktops at any time in the future. In this demo you'll see a user logging off their legacy desktop and immediately logging onto their Microsoft WVD multi-session desktop on Microsoft Azure.

Liquidware makes this easy with object-based storage of user profiles and applications as well as synchronization of user authored data to OneDrive, Dropbox, or Amazon WorkDocs. Once your on-prem virtual and physical desktop users are under management with Liquidware's adaptive workspace suite, you have everything you need to flip the switch for a seamless user transition to cloud desktops. 

While many customers may not be ready to jump fully into cloud based desktops in 2020, many will be ready to host user profiles, user data, applications, and user experience metrics in the cloud. Liquidware is doing exactly this with customers every week now. Liquidware is also the only organization to provide support for object-based storage across the three major clouds - Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google.

When you invoke Cloud Staging with cloud centric storage, and best practices with Liquidware's adaptive workspace management suite, you are ensuring your organization is ready for whatever desktop transformation lies ahead in 2020 and beyond.


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jason smith 

Jason E. Smith is VP of Product Marketing for Liquidware and has worked in the virtual desktop and Windows management market for more than 20 years.
Published Tuesday, November 26, 2019 7:14 AM by David Marshall
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