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SolarWinds 2020 Predictions: Thriving in a Multi-Cloud World

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By Dave Wagner, senior manager, product marketing, application management, SolarWinds

Thriving in a Multi-Cloud World

As we wrap up 2019, it's a great time to reflect on previous predictions and anticipate the year ahead. This year brought with it evidence of a burgeoning trend: not only have organizations broadly adopted the public cloud in some shape or form, but they are increasingly juggling multiple providers as part of multi-cloud strategies. 

In 2020, I predict we'll see an acknowledgement that those multi-cloud strategies are here to stay. Companies are increasingly adopting more than one platform-either for financial leverage, or to create a time-to-market or feature "race" between the platforms and providers. To remain competitive, public cloud providers must offer unique features or capabilities differentiating them from competitors. This has created an upsurge in new and more complex technologies, increasing the need for application performance management tool adoption. In 2019, our SolarWinds® team of experts predicted the big cloud players-AWS, Azure, and Google-had found themselves scrambling to attract the more lucrative, and profitable, enterprise/on-premises customers. And with this trend, tools helping facilitate app migration and management detangling would be a focus in 2019. We can certainly expect this to accelerate into 2020, bringing an ever-increasing demand for comprehensive APM tools and capabilities.

In lockstep with the pervasiveness of cloud computing and the growth of multi-cloud strategies, I also expect to see a growing focus on APM skills and competencies. According to the recent SolarWinds IT Pro Day survey, Building Confidence for Tech Pros of Tomorrow, APM skills are among the top skills tech pros want to develop in the coming year. However, in the coming year tech pros will begin to recognize many of the skills they already possess are sufficient to manage the new realm of integrated solutions in the cloud.

Tech pros can leverage most of the same skills they could before as the nouns have changed, but the verbs remain the same. For example, where we used to have "server" or "virtual machine," now we have "containers." But the verbs? They've always been focused on optimizing performance, ensuring availability, and planning capacity. In 2020, the extent to which tech pros will discover that they don't need to fear new nouns (any more than they did when they moved from monolithic through client-server and virtualization) will increase.


About the Author

David Wagner 

Dave Wagner is a senior manager of product marketing at SolarWinds with over 20 years of experience focused on IT performance and optimization. In his current role, Dave works closely with product management and corporate marketing to ensure alignment in go-to-market strategy and messaging for the SolarWinds application performance monitoring (APM) products. Prior to joining SolarWinds, Dave served as CTO of OpsDataStore, business development principal for TeamQuest, and vice president, marketing and sales at Solution Labs Inc.

Published Tuesday, November 26, 2019 7:40 AM by David Marshall
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