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Medisafe 2020 Predictions: Personalizing AI for Patients - The True Path Forward

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By Rotem Shor, CTO & co-founder, Medisafe

Personalizing AI for Patients - The True Path Forward

In the continual evolution of technology, the healthcare industry still finds itself in the early stages of incorporating Artificial Intelligence(AI) into patient engagement. Initial deployment of ML focused on the priorities of providers, payers and supply chain. Patients certainly benefit when ML is incorporated in their care. However, few AI technologies focus on improving engagement and empowering patients in their everyday lives. But for those leading the charge in enriching patients' experiences with advanced technology, potential is building and is about to be realized.

There is a need in healthcare for Authentic AI that directly benefits patients

People are inoculated to the concept of AI for general consumerism. It is common for their behaviors, particularly with technology, to be aggregated, analyzed and used for influence. The growth of consumerism in healthcare is expediting the need to incorporate AI universally. The greatest need is for authentic AI that with precision, analyzes behavior in real (or near real) time. Utilizing ML on a data set pulled from medical claims, discrete data elements in records, or self-generated health data, is neither agile, nor sophisticated enough to satiate consumers appetite for timely, proactive, and meaningful insights for their gain.

Successful consumption of AI is contingent on the personalization of delivery and potency to impact behavior

Healthcare consumers, aka patients, and innovators alike, are focused on AI that improves both patient experience and health outcomes. In the coming year the greatest advancements in AI will be made by those who build algorithms and rule engines based on accurate and daily patient behaviors. ML predicated on general categorizations of gender/age/chronic disease states are outdated and will be replaced by more dynamic data capture and analyzation. Top innovators will emerge as those who hone in on activities of daily living through AI and can influence positive behavior changes. Much like the data capture must be personalized, so too must be the direct to consumer communication. Patient self-advocacy is a growing trend in healthcare. As such, the future belongs to those who can connect patients with all members of their care teams across the healthcare ecosystem, by deploying advanced technology, including with AI.

In the next year, true AI leaders will deploy sophisticated algorithms directly to patients for their benefits. The result: a groundswell of AI demand from patients which will expedite stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to incorporate this advanced technology into their product portfolios.


About the Author

Rotem Shor, CTO & co-founder

Rotem Shor 

Rotem is co-founder & CTO of Medisafe. After his father experienced a life threatening medication error in 2012, Rotem leveraged his experience to successfully develop the Medisafe platform. Currently, Rotem oversees the company's development team and is responsible for Medisafe's products and technology. Rotem received a B.Sc. in IT development and a BA in Economics, from The University of Haifa, Israel. Medisafe is the the #1 digital therapeutic companion platform for personalized medication management. With 6M registered users from over 200 countries/territories worldwide, 205K patient reviews, 4.7/5 star rating, Medisafe is a proven leader in providing holistic and continuous support to patients in their care treatments.
Published Wednesday, November 27, 2019 8:02 AM by David Marshall
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