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Aparavi 2020 Predictions: Data Management Isn't Ready for 2020, and Neither Are You

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By Adrian Knapp, founder and chairman of Aparavi

Data Management Isn't Ready for 2020, and Neither Are You

This year as I ponder the future of data management in 2020 I find myself a bit more apprehensive about what's to come. The challenges seem more challenging, and the risks riskier, especially for enterprises and government organizations with either limited resources or constrained budgets, which usually seems to be everyone. With that in mind, I'd like to highlight some topics that are particularly critical as we enter the new year. 

1. CCPA is here, and California's not ready

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect January 1, and many businesses aren't even sure if it applies to them. This is a fairly broad data privacy regulation and while it was intended to rein in the Facebooks and Googles of the world, there are cases in which other companies should, or must, be able to show CCPA compliance. CCPA applies to data collected in the past 12 months, so most are already a year behind schedule.

2. If you're outside California, you're not ready either

Even if you aren't in California and don't sell to or deal with anyone in California, other states have passed or are kicking around similar laws. A federal law is likely not far away. Whether it's to address consumer privacy, data breaches, or greater transparency, the regulatory landscape will keep evolving, and organizations need a strategy to accommodate the sweeping changes that may be required imminently.

3. We're not ready for ransomware

Ransomware attacks are reaching staggering numbers and small to midsized operations are the most vulnerable because they are the least able to afford to protect data properly. Public-sector IT departments that support services like municipal utilities or emergency response should be particularly terrified about cyberattacks choking their systems. Traditional backups are simply no good in these scenarios, and that's something most of us aren't talking about enough.

4. We're not ready for data governance

Unfortunately given global political uncertainties, I expect to hear more about the need to manage data related to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS). Businesses and government/education users will also be more challenged to respond to and process legal eDiscovery requests, public records requests, subject access requests, and deletion requests. Unmanaged data causes a pervasive chaos, and data governance and classification is a tedious manual process that needs far more embedded, automated processes.

5. We're not ready for Amazon's monopoly on data

As long as I'm sharing my deepest darkest fears, I would be remiss if I didn't include my fears about Amazon and AWS' ubiquity. AWS users, roughly half the market, need to be very vigilant. I am not concerned about outages or breaches - they have the infrastructure to weather a literal or metaphorical storm - I am concerned about the company's ability to dominate business data. Its unique position in the industry has allowed it to strong-arm other vendors, stifle partners, and shun collaboration. But integration and cooperation give customers freedom to manage their data on any cloud as they see fit, and to advocate for anything else strikes me as un-American.


About the Author

Adrian Knapp 

Adrian Knapp is founder and chairman of Aparavi, a Gartner Cool Vendor in the multi-cloud data management space. He has more than 15 years of experience in data management technologies, beginning in Europe and more recently with U.S. companies. Prior to founding Aparavi, he spent 11 years as head of international data protection software company NovaStor. For more information visit

Published Thursday, December 05, 2019 7:40 AM by David Marshall
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