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Kaseya 2020 Predictions: No disaster recovery plan? Risky business

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By Mike Sanders, General Manager for Unitrends, a Kaseya company

No disaster recovery plan? Risky business

In the previous decade, the industry has boomed and organizations and individuals alike make the move to the cloud. As we enter 2020, a select few major developments stand out to me as trends to watch over the following decade:

1. Pricing and innovation

There will be a major plateau in storage and compute in the cloud as we approach many of the physical limits of our current technology faster than anticipated. The upcoming storage crunch is speeding up innovation, so Microsoft and other vendors are experimenting with innovative solutions like glass storage. If they don't come up with a solution quickly, however, cloud storage prices might start to go up.

In addition to the storage limits, there's the CPU side. In 2020, expect more workloads to get pushed back to the edge. This means more devices (endpoints) will need to be protected in the coming years.

2. The rise of multi-cloud toolsets

Multi-cloud is already a reality in 2019, but it's taken a while for the management practices of operating multiple workloads across multiple services, regions and cloud vendors to mature. Meanwhile, the pressures on business continue to do more with less continues to build, and yet companies are still often to "DIY" their solutions.

As workloads start to dominate the decisions behind which cloud to use to make the best use of each vendor's offerings, expect increased demand for tool sets that can operate natively with different cloud vendors. Sadly, cloud management portals today are generally limited to discovery or cost optimization use cases and fail to tackle the day-to-day operational management pain experienced by today's CloudOps and DevOps teams.

As an example of the rising complexity in the cloud, Amazon Web Services alone has 250 different services  as of May 2019, each with its own management console and unique set of APIs.

3.  DRaaS is Now Mainstream

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is now mainstream, with large organizations adopting DRaaS at the highest rates. However, expect in 2020 to see the adoption of DRaaS by small and mid-sized organizations to drastically increase as organizations discover that not all DRaaS services require their IT departments to become experts in hyper-scale clouds. As a result, SMBs will outsource DRaaS to experts at a fixed price and with little requirement for their time or technical overview.


About the Author

mike sanders 

Mike Sanders is the General Manager for Unitrends. Mike was one of the first employees at Kaseya in 2004. Over the following ten years Mike ran varying sales groups for Kaseya including the Americas, EMEA, and Strategic Accounts. After ten years at Kaseya Mike left to start his network monitoring company, Cenersys. In 2017 Cenersys was acquired by IT Glue and Mike returned to Kaseya to launch Unitrends MSP and became the GM of Unitrends in 2019.

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