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Citrix 2020 Predictions: The Future of Work

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By Donna Kimmel, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Citrix

The Future of Work

It's been said you can't predict the future. But that's not entirely true. The past informs the present, and the present informs the future. And if you pay close attention, you can spot trends that enable you to see what lies ahead. When it comes to the future of work, a few are shaping up to drive unprecedented levels of change in the year ahead:   

Flexible Work

Over the next decade, it's predicted there will be a global shortage of 85.2 million workers. To attract talent, companies will think outside the box and enable flexible models such as gig, contract and remote work that allow them to go where the talent is and bring people on board as needed to unlock innovation, engage customers, and move their business forward.

Digital Workspaces

Every day, employees are forced to use as many as 11 different apps to get work done. Nearly 65 percent of their time is wasted on busy work and meetings. Another 20 percent is spent searching for information, leaving just 15 percent to complete the work they want and are paid to do. They're frustrated and disengaged, and it's taking a toll on productivity. Using Digital workspace solutions , companies will quiet the noise and optimize the work day for every employee by organizing, guiding and automating work in an intelligent, personal way that enables them to focus on what they do and do it best.

People-Centric Design

The success of an organization depends on its people. When employees feel good and are motivated to deliver their best, it can improve customer satisfaction, innovation and the bottom line. Smart companies will put people first and develop and reward top talent that can drive their business forward.


Upskilling has become increasingly important, along with creating the right opportunities for employees to reskill and take on new challenges. Leading companies will encourage employees to build new capabilities such as critical thinking, judgment, innovation, collaboration and agility and give them access to high-quality learning programs and platforms that enable them to learn in whatever way is most effective for them and create value for the organization.

Predicting the future can't be done with total accuracy. But when it comes to the future of work, one thing is certain: organizations that focus on the employee experience and create an environment in which people can engage in meaningful work will see their business thrive.


About the Author

Donna Kimmel, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Citrix

donna kimmel 

Donna Kimmel is the executive vice president and chief people officer of Citrix. She is responsible for all aspects of identifying, fostering and developing top talent as well as overseeing organizational strategies that maximize engagement and position the company to win in the marketplace.

With more than 30 years of experience in creating and implementing successful global talent programs that drive business results, Donna is a trusted Human Resources leader who believes in creating diverse and engaged teams that enable the extraordinary. Throughout her career she has delivered comprehensive people programs, led large scale end-to-end business initiatives (including corporate reorganizations, spin-offs-from public to private to public-and integrations for global M&A activities), and catalyzed cultural transformations.

Before joining Citrix in 2015, she was the senior vice president, human resources of International Game Technology (IGT). Prior to IGT, Donna was senior vice president and chief human resources officer of Sensata Technologies, a private-to-public spinoff from Texas Instruments. She also held leadership positions at Texas Instruments and Fannie Mae.

Donna earned a Master's of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Delaware.

She is an active member of the community and serves on the Equality Means Business Advisory Board, the largest civil rights organization in Florida dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and the Board of Directors for the University of Rhode Island's International Engineering Program.

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