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Commvault 2020 Predictions: Multi-Cloud, IT Hiring, and Recovery Readiness

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By Penny Gralewski, Solutions Lead, Commvault

Multi-Cloud, IT Hiring, and Recovery Readiness

The holidays are here and 2020 is fast-approaching. Commvault has had an exciting year with a new CEO joining the company, the announcement of its first-ever acquisition, and the launch of a new SaaS venture, Metallic.  The company plans to continue building on this momentum next year with additional innovations that enable enterprises to tackle their toughest data challenges and drive digital transformation through the power of hybrid IT environments. Commvault's Penny Gralewski predicts that Commvault will be helping its customers maximize the benefits of multi-cloud environments, close the IT hiring gap, and better prepare for weather-related disasters.

  • Multi-cloud Adoption Will Increase Demand For More Diverse Data Protection Capabilities: As organizations adopt more clouds for different organizational requirements, the need for fast, flexible data protection - able to protect a diverse set of data workloads - will increase. Organizations are choosing different clouds for different use cases, so today's data protection platforms need to accommodate a wide variety of cloud use cases, including Platform as a Service (PaaS), containers, and massive databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Splunk, SAP HANA and Oracle. 

  • The IT Hiring Gap Will Drive Greater Adopt of Automation, AI and other Emerging Technologies: Highly skilled, qualified IT leaders are difficult to find in the current job market. That means IT professionals looking for a new career will take a hard look at an organization's technology before accepting a job. Today's job seekers do not want to do remedial work like touching thousands of servers with each upgrade - they want modern data protection, analytics, security, and other solutions with cutting-edge technologies such as automation and AI. New hires will likely bring in new technologies like these to speed the work of data protection, security and other operations across their organizations.  

  • The Cloud Data Center Race Will Drive Greater Data Migration To, From, and Across Clouds: Cloud vendors are quickly expanding their regional data center availability. There are currently 54 Microsoft Azure regions, 22 Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions and 20 Google Cloud Platform regions. Oracle Cloud just announced a goal of 36 regions available by the end of 2020. For Oracle customers, that means a new availability region every 23 days. This will provide organizations have more choice as they determine how to support worldwide offices, call centers and manufacturing organizations with cloud regions located close to these facilities. However, this will also require them to find data protection solutions that give their global IT teams visibility into where all their data is located and how it's managed, especially as country and region specific data governance requirements change.

  • Weather-Related Natural Disasters Will Drive Greater Demand for Recovery Readiness: Increasingly warm weather around the globe is leading to more intense natural disasters, such as wildfires in California, historic flooding in Venice, and drought in Africa. If we can learn one thing from these headlines, it's that weather is becoming more unpredictable and damaging - for communities and enterprises alike. That means enterprises need to be ready - ready to recover from a flood, ready to transfer backups of mission critical applications over to another cloud region, ready for unexpected power outages that require them to put their disaster recovery plans in motion.


About the Author

Penny Gralewski 

Penny Gralewski is a Solutions Lead at Commvault. Penny is the go-to for all things cloud data management-related. She is particularly focused on how to move, manage, and use data across on-premises and cloud storage locations. Penny's role includes the task of aligning with key private and public cloud alliance partners including Azure, AWS and GCP. Penny is responsible for solution messaging around her products to communicate the cloud story on a global level. She is a strong speaker on the role of data management including data backup and recovery, disaster recovery, e-discovery and more. She is also passionate about digital transformation, IT modernization and cloud management.

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