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CTERA 2020 Predictions: Opportunities Reside at the Edge

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By Aron Brand, CTO of CTERA Networks

Opportunities Reside at the Edge

2020 will mark a notable shift in enterprise IT as the dawn of a new era of edge computing arises. The first-generation model of centralized cloud computing and storage has now run its course, and most of the new opportunities for enterprise data management reside at the edge.

Consider that 75% of enterprise data is created in branch offices, on mobile devices and by IoT-enabled smart devices. Such data growth outside the datacenter is the new reality, and it's creating a need for enterprises to deploy computing power and storage capabilities at the network edge, aka edge computing.

Edge computing combines a cloud service located at a datacenter (often called the "core") with an edge device near the end user capable of autonomously satisfying a portion of the application functionality. Consider your home virtual digital assistant from Amazon or Google. All of these devices' voice processing happens, believe it or not, in the cloud.  The edge compute for these devices is limited to "wake words" that tell the device to send speech-to-text conversions to the cloud for processing.

If these devices had more powerful edge compute power - and it likely won't be long before they do - you'd see some improvements, including:

  • Improved response time: your Amazon Echo would perform speech recognition locally and deliver a faster answer
  • Offline availability: even if your network is offline, your device will still be up and running, or ‘always-on'
  • Improved security and privacy: your minimized need to send sensitive information to the cloud will reduce data privacy risks

All this is to say that enterprises already are investing in this kind of edge computing to move faster, to have data continuously available, and to improve data security. As edge computing goes mainstream in enterprise IT in 2020, edge-to-cloud architectures that manage data centrally while making it instantly available to users at the edge will be a key enabler for business success. By offering low latency, reliable access to files, and cloud-scale economics, edge-to-cloud file services can revolutionize the way enterprises manage their valuable data assets.


About the Author 

Aron Brand 

Aron Brand, CTO of CTERA Networks, has more than 23 years of experience in designing and implementing distributed software systems. Prior to joining the founding team of CTERA, Aron acted as Chief Architect of SofaWare Technologies, a Check Point company, where he led the design of security software and appliances for the service provider and enterprise markets. Previously, Aron developed software at IDF's Elite Technology Unit 8200. He holds a BSc degree in computer science and business administration from Tel-Aviv University.

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