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Alfresco 2020 Predictions: Managing Information and Powering Digital Operations

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By Paul Hampton, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Alfresco

Managing Information and Powering Digital Operations

This is an exciting time in our industry as we're starting to see businesses realize their digital aspirations. Organizations have access to more content and customer information than ever before. While this fuels opportunity, it also means more risk as businesses have to solve for the unparalleled volume and adhere to new privacy regulations. To do so, many technology buzz words will evolve from hype to reality and will become vital tools in managing customer data and powering digital operations.

Rich content will overtake documents

The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words," will hold especially true in 2020 as rich media content like videos and images become increasingly prevalent in modern businesses. How people consume information is drastically changing and is reflected in how they interact with organizations. We'll see a huge increase in the exchange and sharing of rich media between businesses and customers to simplify and expedite their experiences. In 2020, expect that rich media will surpass all of the traditional content created to date, posing new challenges for how enterprises manage and regulate more complicated content.

Content will increase tenfold 

With the rise of rich media and growing number of business applications, the amount of content will increase at least tenfold. As the volume increases, organizations will face a challenge in trying to understand the information they're responsible for. Already, we're seeing organizations unable to effectively grasp their vast content sources, an issue that will become a bigger concern as the content grows in volume and complexity.

Enterprises will need to solve for dark data 

Simply put, dark data is information, often personal information, that enterprises have, but don't realize they have. Dark data encompasses unstructured data, which Gartner predicts will encompass 80% of all global data by 2022, and is often stored in silos, network file stores and unregulated tools across an organization. With new data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, there will be an increased urgency for organizations to get a handle on their dark data.

Blockchain will play a bigger role in privacy

Blockchain will become more pervasive for business applications. Within data privacy and security, there are countless applications that could benefit from blockchain. For example, a healthcare organization utilizing blockchain to manage the authentication of patient records. It removes the potential for human error and ensures a completely secure process. 

Hype technology will bring value

The technologies that have previously delivered more hype than value will start to come to fruition. There will be a democratization of artificial intelligence technology, allowing more and more people to actually start driving significant business value from using the technology to solve business problems. Within the data space, AI will be critical in helping companies understand the information they have. Furthermore, it will dictate what information is valuable and what can be removed. No longer will organizations need to waste time, money and effort storing use less information ‘just in case'.   

Digitization will start with process  

Organizations making digital investments will increasingly start with process. The most valuable investments always directly connect to the customer. Thus, digital transformations should begin by evaluating the customer journey. What processes are part of that journey? And how can these be improved to provide exceptional experiences for the customer. That's where the most valuable digital transformation will begin.

While this can seem daunting to some companies, it should be clear that the changes happening are manageable. We have the solutions to effectively secure customer information and manage it productively. The new technologies at our disposal are opening so many doors for new business learnings and opportunities to improve our processes. It's an important time to reevaluate strategies and ensure we're best utilizing our resources.


About the Author

Paul Hampton 

Paul has been at Alfresco for over a decade and currently serves as senior director of product marketing. His previous positions included marketing director roles at SDL and Ariba.

Published Monday, December 30, 2019 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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