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2020 Will be the Year of Hybrid Solutions
By: Lex Boost, CEO, Leaseweb USA 

Global hybrid solutions have made quite an impact in the past several years and there's reason to believe 2020 will see this trend continue. Businesses began turning to hybrid solutions about six years ago as they sought to leverage the direct benefits of both a private and public cloud environments. Augmenting the traditional private cloud with the power and resources of the public cloud, companies began to manage any bursts in activity. Over the years, hybrid cloud adoption has grown to 58 percent and over two-thirds of organizations utilize private cloud solutions along with on-premise and public cloud options. 

As a whole, the traditional IT industry - be it software, IT or hardware vendors - are understanding the necessity to shift to managed services. From cost benefits to increases in speed and protection, industry experts from Leaseweb Global foresee 2020 as the year of hybrid solutions. 

Alexander Kalkman, CMO, Leaseweb Global

"In 2020, organizations are going to recognize and value the power of metal: The power of a bare metal server. A physical server dedicated to a physical single tenant, will always out-perform a public cloud environment. Why? These servers' tenants will be able to optimize according to customizable needs for performance, security and reliability. This high level of flexibility translates to both cost and manageability effectiveness.  

"We anticipate seeing this coupled with the rise of managed global hybrid solutions in 2020. Starting from a business perspective, across industries we are seeing the need to reach the eyeballs and this is manifesting in a global approach to business. They either consolidate or are bought out. They will expand into other regions because the software is global.  The natural corresponding element, especially in industries with a heavy data footprint, is to see the data infrastructure go global as well. For example, if you look at MarTech space, VCs have been investing heavily in various companies to make them grow globally. The rise of managed global hybrids in 2020 will fill this market need: the need to have secure, reliable, global access to global data."

Robert van der Meulen, product strategy lead, Leaseweb Global

"When companies start looking at more hybrid environments, it will start to make much more sense to migrate into a data center. Starting in 2019 and what will be continuing in 2020 is that there will be many companies that start decommissioning their on-premise environments and continue transitioning to managing cloud infrastructure. This shift will spark a digital transformation for many companies.

The traditional IT industry-be it software, IT or hardware providers/vendors-are finally more fully understanding the necessity to shift to managed services. Researchers and industry experts predicted that 2018 and 2019 would be the years of the big shift-where managed services became more prevalent. We saw that transpire. And we are beginning to see a shift in the preparedness and structure of the sales representatives and within the channel. 2020 will be the year that the IT channel  shifts significantly into a more managed services friendly environment."  

Mathijs Heikamp, team lead of product management, Leaseweb Global

"The safety and security of data is going to continue to evolve in 2020, increasing every organization's and application's need to strategically reevaluate the security of their own data. In 2020, companies will choose infrastructure environments that meet all of their company's needs, including cybersecurity and ransomware protection.  

Hybrid cloud solutions allow organizations increased control of their data on a secure platform, and companies will continue to adopt this infrastructure model because of these benefits. For businesses with highly sensitive data, hosting providers can establish a dedicated server for the specific company with some of the best in security technology. Hosting providers can also serve as an expert resource regarding the inner workings of provided security protocols, easing the expertise burden placed on organizations while ensuring they remain up-to-date on security best-practices."


Published Tuesday, December 31, 2019 8:32 AM by David Marshall
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