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CloudBees 2020 Predictions: How Is CloudBees Vision? 20/20.

VMblog Predictions 2020 

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2020.  Read them in this 12th annual series exclusive.

By the team at CloudBees

How Is CloudBees Vision? 20/20.

As many predicted for 2019, the world of DevOps moved as quickly as the Dev and Ops teams hope to move one day! There was major industry news such as M&A's, funding and emerging market categories that dominated the headlines over the past 12 months. We saw some predictions from last year come true, some fall flat and others that weren't even mentioned come to fruition.

With this year coming to an end and a new decade almost upon us, let's see what the group over at CloudBees, the enterprise DevOps leader powering the continuous economy, has to say about 2020.

Brian Dawson 

Brian Dawson, DevOps Evangelist and Product Suite Marketing shared his thoughts on a few different topics. From a new market category, Software Delivery Management, trends in data and machine learning, just to name a few.

"In 2020, we can expect to see Software Delivery Management to be codified and adopted as a key strategy by multiple companies and vendors, based on the realization that becoming a digital disruptor is more than just deploying more and delivering faster, but rather requires fundamentally changing the companies relationship with software," said Dawson, on the topic of Software Delivery Management (SDM). The DevOps Institute's Helen Beal, also notes, "I foresee an emergent rise in interest around automation to support end-to-end lifecycle thinking in the form of value stream management and Software Delivery Management tooling."

On the topic of data, Dawson added, "We should also be talking about the focus on data. Data will continue its momentum from 2019,  but eventually begin to slow towards the end of the year, as the industry realizes that in the IT space, beyond the data giants such as Google, no one tool or vendor can own all of the data. This will lead to more of a focus on shared data models and interfaces. Everything runs in cycles. Hopefully, the industry will become more specific when referring to data and recognize that big data, data lakes and data science are not the hammer to apply to every nail, and that in fact the "information" in IT is evidence that data is key -- but it has always been.  Neither computers nor science exist without data. Again, everything runs in cycles."

The final two points that Brian shared as he thinks about what 2020 will bring, "Machine Learning-driven capabilities will show up in any and every software offering, the results will range from gimmickry, to mind-blowing and revolutionary to downright spooky and unsettling. Oh, and what about DevOps you ask? It will become part of every security discussion and security will become a part of every DevOps discussion. We will no longer need to use and explain the term DevSecOps."

katherine lam 

We also heard from Katherine Lam, DevOps Storyteller who shared her thoughts on IPOs and developers.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, this year saw a lot of big industry moves. "As a result of the IPO failures in 2019," said Lam, "More start-ups will seek an exit via an enterprise acquisition, as larger companies try different strategies to pivot and build a thriving digital business."

And just to provide a little more clarity for 2020, Lam shared this on developers, "developers will get more tools to help them see inside their app. They will use these tools to find security issues, performance issues and with the complexity of microservices and containers, just solving the puzzle of making the darn thing work. DevSecOps, observability and SDM will help developers bridge the gap between what they are trying to accomplish, to the larger business goals."

michael neale 

And finally, we would have been remiss to not include this gem from Michael Neale, Co-founder at CloudBees, "After a disappointing preview album, Katy Perry will come back with something good, now that she has made peace with Taylor Swift (who has come up with a series of great, well-received albums)."

We're looking forward to another DevOps centric year and seeing what this new year and decade brings up. We're seeing things clearer than ever in 2020!


Published Tuesday, December 31, 2019 7:40 AM by David Marshall
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