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StreamSets 2020 Predictions: Data is the New Everything - Why DataOps Will Gain Ground in 2020

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By Girish Pancha, CEO and co-founder, StreamSets

Data is the New Everything - Why DataOps Will Gain Ground in 2020

It's no secret that many a blogger, speaker and seer has weighed in on what data is and what data is not.  Is it or is it not the new oil? The new currency? The new air? The new bacon? Whatever it is, we know it is unrelentingly increasing and is the unlimited fuel for the next generation of intelligence on earth. Our ability to tap into vast sources of previously untapped "Big Data" has galvanized throngs of citizen data scientists into using machine learning to train predictive analytic engines. Improvements in message brokers and "Streaming Platforms" has sped up traditional business intelligence, and is bringing AI to the next generation of smart applications. And the long-predicted arrival of large scale, economical data storage-compute in the cloud is, at last, reality. While the business value of these trends is easy to understand and evangelize, the operational implications of these trends are far more complex than is generally understood.

What's driving this complexity? Applications are becoming agile, smart and more focused, driven by the trend towards microservices. At the same time, unlike oil, data in these applications becomes more valuable with reuse, and changes semantics frequently. Infrastructure and data platform choices are being made and remade autonomically, with little regard to the broader impact to the enterprise, leading to unexpected changes in structure and locations. Having the right data at the right time and with the right level of confidence at the point of use is priceless, but all these unexpected, unannounced and unending changes to data, collectively termed data drift, is beyond our control and leads to operational risk. 

While still in its early days, we believe that in 2020, we will see more pervasive interest in DataOps. DataOps is the set of practices and technologies that brings the end-to-end automation and monitoring sensibilities of DevOps to data management and integration. But what makes it DataOps are drift-resilient smart data pipelines, from which living, breathing end-to-end data topologies emerge.  Instead of ignoring or fighting data drift, DataOps embraces and harnesses it to speed up data analytics, with confidence.  Some indicators that we've noticed here at StreamSets include a small, but burgeoning cross-section of customers that are embracing DataOps approaches. The recent DataOps Summit highlighted many of their use cases and resulting business impact. Searches for the term "DataOps" are ramping, vendors are entering the space with DataOps offerings, and we're seeing a number of DataOps business titles appearing on LinkedIn profiles. All point to an emerging understanding of "DataOps" and recognition of its nomenclature, leading to the practice becoming something that data-driven organizations refer to by name. The new book DataOps: The Authoritative Edition outlines much of this in detail.

DataOps is the foundation upon which all software will be built in the future, teasing an inherent order and discipline out of the chaos that's otherwise caused by agile, autonomic technology decisions.  Enterprises today must think ahead to implement the technologies that will enable DataOps practices if they are to survive and thrive in the era of artificial intelligence and data dominance.


About the Author

Girish Pancha 

Girish Pancha is CEO and co-founder of StreamSets Girish is a data industry veteran who has spent his career developing successful and innovative products that address the challenge of providing integrated information as a mission-critical, enterprise-grade solution. Before co-founding StreamSets, Girish was the first Vice President of Engineering and Chief Product Officer at Informatica, where he was responsible for the company's corporate development and entire product portfolio strategy and delivery. Girish also was Co-Founder and CEO at Zimba, a developer of a mobile platform providing real-time access to corporate information, which he led to a successful acquisition. Girish began his career at Oracle, where he managed the development of its Discoverer Business Intelligence platform.

Published Friday, January 03, 2020 7:39 AM by David Marshall
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