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Talend 2020 Predictions: What's next with governance, cloud, AI and data

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By Laurent Bride, COO & CTO, Talend

What's next with governance, cloud, AI and data

The enterprise has evolved greatly over the last decade. With new privacy regulations, the great migration to the cloud, the development and implementation of AI and machine learning, and evolving roles with digital transformation, we've faced quite a technology revolution. As we prepare for 2020 and the decade ahead, here are a few trends I believe will continue to push our technology evolution. 

Data privacy:

  • 2020 will bring an even stronger need to trace everything you do with your data as GDPR and the newly implemented CCPA are carried out. There are a number of new data privacy regulations popping up around the US and 2020 shows no signs of slowing down. This will make it more important than ever for companies to have a clear way to account for every bit of data they house, down to how it was obtained, to protect everyone who touched it.


  • There will be a trend toward using best of breed technologies for enterprise cloud deployments. Rather than consolidation, organizations will look to best of breed cloud technologies to provide the services that they need for their enterprise deployments. The agility provided through the flow and exchange of data across companies will become more critical as organizations are looking to optimize their operations and maximize ROI. We will see a trend of the top cloud providers joining forces to house their applications in each other's environments.
  • Open source technologies will spur multi-cloud adoption. Open source technologies enable a common environment across different cloud environments because they are cloud agnostic, and easy to run. The ability to accommodate an array of applications and host them in any cloud or open source containers will help spur multi-cloud adoption. Public cloud providers; like Azure ARC, Google Anthos and Amazon Outposts; will leverage multi-cloud deployments powered by their stacks. While the use case is still rare today, the movement will pick up in 2020, as more enterprises realize the capabilities of open source technologies in cloud environments.


  • With the rise of automation to carry out day to day business functions, leveraging AI to augment human capabilities will continue to be a delicate balance. Whether being used to automate repetitive tasks (data prep, etc.) or connecting pipelines through contextual information from you and your peers, AI will begin to infiltrate all areas of business functions.

Evolving digital roles:

  • Chief Information Broker will be a rising title in the technology industry. When working on a consumption project the end goal is to harness data to its full potential. Starting with how it can be monetized on the open data market all the way to navigating all available third-party data to bring value back to the organization in the form of a sharing economy. In 2020, CIOs must position themselves as "Chief Information Brokers" and bring senior management and specialist departments on board so they're fully aware of the technology renaissance that is the sharing economy that is impacting the industry.


About the Author

Laurent Bride 

When he joined Talend, Laurent brought 17 years of software experience, including management and executive roles in customer support and product development. Most recently, Laurent was CTO at Axway where he was responsible for R&D, Innovation and Product Management. He has also spent more than nine years in the Silicon Valley, working for Business Objects and then SAP. Laurent holds an engineering degree in mathematics and computer science from EISTI.

Published Monday, January 06, 2020 7:29 AM by David Marshall
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