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VMblog Interview with CloudJumper Ahead of DISRUPT 2020


If you are involved in End User Computing in any way, shape or form, you absolutely must check out the details on the upcoming DISRUPT 2020 event.  Now in its third year, DISRUPT is quickly filling a void and becoming the standard event to address everything EUC. 

The 2020 DISRUPT events will take place January 27 through 29 in Nashville, TN and February 4-6 in Munich, Germany. 


Read this exclusive pre-show VMblog interview with Mark Foust, vice president of sales at CloudJumper, to learn what they have planned for the DISRUPT event.


VMblog:  To kick things off, can you tell us a little about CloudJumper?

Mark Foust:  CloudJumper was founded by Al Cinelli some 20 years ago. Al had a vision of a connected cloud workspace - before the concept of cloud was fully developed. As his companies laid fiber optics connecting cities, he understood that applications and desktops could be served from remote datacenters.

CloudJumper has a long history of success in the application and desktop virtualization technology space serving thousands of businesses and 10s of thousands of applications.

VMblog:  Talk about your technology, what problems do you solve?  And how are you considered unique?

Foust:  Our software solution is called Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS). CWMS is a VDI & RDS orchestration and management alternative to the industry giants - but without the outdated legacy infrastructure or long-term contractual lock-in.

CMWS can orchestrate and manage the delivery of multiple virtual desktop and application virtualization deployments through a single pane of glass, regardless of deployment location - in any of the major cloud providers, hybrid or on-premise. It works on the control plane of unified workspaces and leaves the management plane to the native cloud PaaS services.

CWMS is cloud-agnostic supporting Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS and regional cloud providers - as well as complex hybrid technologies on industry leading hypervisors, like VMware and Hyper-V.

CWMS delivers a WVD Native experience in Microsoft Azure and enables RDS in Azure, other public clouds, or on premise with VMware, or Hyper-V and NetApp HCI.

CWMS solves the deployment and management complexity of WVD by using a simple web U.I. Customers can adopt WVD with no PowerShell expertise. CWMS funnels hundreds of deployment options into a few key questions, in a familiar web UI, then orchestrates a custom environment. With CloudJumper, you are just minutes away from deploying thousands of new WVD VMs - no PowerShell expertise required.

CloudJumper is a recognized Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider for WVD. Our product team worked with Microsoft for two years developing a native Azure solution. In fact, CloudJumper is the only major ISV Microsoft partner that supports Native WVD and hybrid solutions.


CloudJumper continually monitors to optimize your WVD workspace with our exclusive algorithms for VM live-scaling, workload scheduling, custom API, simplified UI, Scripted Events Engine and our patent pending Wake-on-Demand for VDI VMs.

Further, CloudJumper's patented User Identity Based Routing technology intelligently abstracts and resolves user identities for administrators to auto-provision virtualized applications from the right cloud - whether public cloud or on-premises. End users are intelligently served RDS applications without their intervention.

These features intelligently and dramatically reduce your cloud spend.

CloudJumper's Innovation - At a Glace

  • Innovator with Multiple Patents and Patent-Pending for VDI optimization technologies
  • Thousands of current business customers running tens of thousands of remote desktops and applications
  • 2017 & 2018 Gartner recognized Cool Vendors in Unified Workspaces
  • Citrix Partner Visionary Award Winner for 2014 & Microsoft Partner of the Year finalist
  • Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider for WVD as well as Gold Partner Competencies for Cloud Platform, Datacenter, Small and Mid-Market Solutions, Cloud Productivity, and more
  • No Venture Capital Money - Privately held and Financially independent

VMblog:  And how do you partner with IGEL Technologies?

Foust:  CloudJumper's Cloud Workstation Management Suite (CWMS) and Universal Management Suite (UMS) are complementary control planes. CWMS handles the provisioning and management of Windows Virtual Desktop, while UMS handles the provisioning and management of IGEL endpoints.

VMblog:  What do you plan to show off at your booth at DISRUPT 2020?

Foust:  CloudJumper will be demonstrating our CWMS Windows Virtual Desktop solutions and native integrations with IGEL's UMS. 

VMblog:  Why do you think DISRUPT is a much needed event this year?

Foust:  Yes. IGEL has demonstrated a valued leadership in the EUC space. A secure minimal Linux based hardware device managed with a complete software solution that scales to the largest enterprise deployments. IGEL has a unique place in the market that isn't based on an OS or single cloud provider - much like CloudJumper. Disrupt stands in contrast to the large industry vendors that are myopic and protectionist.

VMblog:  What do you attribute to the growing success of End User Computing?  Why has it become so popular lately?

Foust:  Choice, affordability, familiarity and need.

VMblog:  How do you and your solution help with the growth of the EUC market?

Foust:  Whether it's known as End User Computing (EUC), Unified Workspaces, VDI, DaaS, WaaS, Desktop Virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, WVD, RDS, Remote Applications, Application Virtualization, or the many other industry nomenclatures, CloudJumper provides support for any cloud provider, hybrid, and on-premises solution. CWMS supports multi-cloud choice, without the large legacy vendor, long-term vendor lock-in, all with a simple UI, exclusive and innovative technologies to deploy and manage at cloud scale. 


Published Monday, January 06, 2020 9:44 AM by David Marshall
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