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VMblog Interview with Liquit Ahead of DISRUPT 2020


If you are involved in End User Computing in any way, shape or form, you absolutely must check out the details on the upcoming DISRUPT 2020 event.  Now in its third year, DISRUPT is quickly filling a void and becoming the standard event to address everything EUC. 

The 2020 DISRUPT events will take place January 27 through 29 in Nashville, TN and February 4-6 in Munich, Germany. 


Read this exclusive pre-show VMblog interview with Liquit to learn what they have planned for the DISRUPT event.

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VMblog:  To kick things off, can you tell VMblog readers a little bit about Liquit?

Liquit:  In 2015 Liquit had the vision to take end user computing into the modern digital era and set out to do so in a disruptive manner. We believe that it is all about the end user and the apps, and we also believe that the administration must be simple, scalable and completely flexible. That means we need to work with everyone, and it means that the end user should never know or care what changes are made behind the scenes. 

VMblog:  Talk about your technology, what problems do you solve?  And how are you considered unique? 

Liquit:  Liquit technology enables enterprises and service providers to connect to and aggregate all applications from all workspace backends (Citrix. VMWare, WVD, etc.). By doing so Liquit delivers a customized and consistent end user experience, regardless of where their applications reside. The unique smart icon decides dynamically where to start the application based upon the end user's location, device and profile rights. Liquit simplifies system administration and workspace management. Liquit accelerates the adoption of cloud by quickly connecting to an existing platform and allowing the backend to be streamlined or migrated as desired, without any impact on the end-user. The cost, complexity and connectivity inhibitors that keep you or your customers from going to the cloud are resolved.  

VMblog:  How do you partner with IGEL? 

Liquit:  We deliver a consistent user experience across every platform including IGEL Endpoints. 

VMblog:  And what do you plan to show off at your booth at DISRUPT 2020? 

Liquit:  We will show how Liquit can help MSPs, DaaS partners and enterprises to deliver the most consistent end user experience. Our agnostic approach allows us to solve issues like Single Sign On when going from a local to a SaaS application. We will also demonstrate how to make your user the most productive and happy by improving their dexterity and also empowering them to customize their experience while maintaining full administrative control.  

We will also show how Liquit can accelerate the move to the cloud by giving WVD and other DaaS providers a way to connect to a Citrix and a VMWare platforms and immediately deliver applications from a single console. Most importantly, buying time to migrate the backend without the end user ever being affected. 

VMblog:  Why do you think DISRUPT is a much-needed event this year? 

Liquit:  The "Move to the Cloud" continues to be at the top of corporate initiatives globally. The industry needs to know more about innovative companies, like Liquit, as we help accelerate this initiative.  We make migration to the cloud easy for enterprises and service providers by bridging the gap, migrating and never interrupting end-user experience.  

VMblog:  What do you attribute to the growing success of End User Computing?  Why has it become so popular lately? 

Liquit:  The enterprise recognizes end user dexterity results in more productivity. We help to enable employees to work from anywhere, from any device. Liquit bridges the gap between legacy and modern IT environments. We mask all backend complexity for the end user, delivering a consistent, super simple, user experience. 

VMblog:  How do you and your solution help with the growth of the EUC market? 

Liquit:  What holds back the enterprise from moving to the cloud is the complex platforms of VDI, connectivity issues of applications and overall cost. Liquit breaks down these barriers. Liquit delivers the best end user experience and at the same time giving the IT department the flexibility to choose the best technology, streamline their platforms and reduce unnecessary overhead. Future technology changes or migrations will not impact the end users, the Liquit icons remain the same, only that technology delivers the application changes, but the end user is not aware of that.


Published Wednesday, January 08, 2020 8:44 AM by David Marshall
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