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The VMblog 2020 Industry Experts Video Prediction Series - Episode 4
As part of VMblog's annual prediction series for 2020, we asked a number of different industry experts to share their thoughts about 2020 in video format.  In episode 4, we spoke with the following industry experts: Chris Webber, VP of Marketing at Styra; Claus Jepsen, Deputy CTO, Unit4; and Marco Maggio, All Covered VP Strategic Practices, Konica Minolta.

Watch as these experts talk about their predictions and share their thoughts around future technologies within the IT industry.

According to Chris Webber of Styra, there will be three ways to think about authorization in a Kubernetes and cloud native world in 2020: define it, decouple it, and make it declarative. Define: Define your authorization policy-what can do what, who can do what-with your legal team, your IT security team, your compliance team. Get that figured out up front and you're going to save yourself a world of hurt on the back end, when you get into production. Decouple: Don't waste time integrating authorization or hand-building it into your app or into your infrastructure. From Kubernetes to service mesh into the app itself, find a way to get the authorization decisions externalized. Declarative: Use those downstream APIs to do the enforcement using a policy engine to do the context-aware decision-making. You've got everything you need in the apps of those APIs in the environment, in the infrastructure. Take advantage of them. Work in a declarative way. Define what can't happen so you don't have to worry about what could happen.

You can also learn more by reading this prediction article at VMblog: "Platform and People Experience will become front and center for ERP" by Claus Jepsen of Unit4 at:

And read "The Evolution of Privacy and the Role of MSPs" by Marco Maggio of All Covered at:

Published Friday, January 10, 2020 11:55 AM by David Marshall
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