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Cathay Innovation 2020 Predictions: Real World Issues Tackled by Impact Tech and The Shift to a Global Approach

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By Denis Barrier, Co-founder and CEO, Cathay Innovation

Real World Issues Tackled by Impact Tech and The Shift to a Global Approach

In recent years, the pros and cons of certain technology innovations have been called into question and the tech industry is looking for a path forward. Denis Barrier, co-founder and CEO of Cathay Innovation, outlines how in 2020 and beyond, there will be a renewed focus on "technology for good" as well as how the Venture Capital industry will see a shift in traditional models.

The Rise of Impact Tech: Tech for Good Moves Beyond Hype to Tackle Real World Issues 

While the pros and cons of some recent technology innovations have been widely debated, in 2020 we will see a renewed focus on "technology for good" that moves beyond the hype. Driven by the convergence of various fields of sciences and applied technologies combined with eco-conscious consumers, innovative startup platforms and new business models (no longer restricted to Silicon Valley) that achieve global scale quickly  - technology will now be able to address critical human needs that benefit the majority of people worldwide. In addition, Venture Capitalists will dedicate more resources to backing this next generation of sustainable products and services that provide significant impact and just as the mobile revolution transformed China, we'll see a "sustainable leapfrog" from emerging markets (e.g., Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America).

Tech Investment Evolved - The Shift Towards A Global Platform Approach

With the globalization of tech, emerging companies are bringing new technologies and business models to world markets that enable rapid growth like never before. While the Venture Capital industry, which was historically dominated by U.S. tech hubs, has also expanded across the world - we'll see a shift in traditional models (often siloed by region) towards a global platform approach that will unify tech investment and create new opportunities and value by linking global startup centers, investors and corporations from the start. This won't be limited to established tech hubs as more and more regions from around the world, including developing economies that used to be considered "low tech" (i.e., Africa, Mexico, Southeast Asia), experience rapid transformation thanks to a growing middle class with increased internet accessibility.


About the Author

Denis Barrier 

Denis is co-founder and CEO of Cathay Innovation. He is also a managing partner of Cathay Capital Private Equity. Prior to Cathay, he was at Iris Capital where he managed the international activities of the Orange/Publicis fund. He has also been the Head of Corporate Venture at Orange, and a Managing Director at Innovacom.


Since starting in late 2015, Cathay Innovation has quietly invested in over 30 companies, including Chime (now valued at almost $5 billion) and were early investors in Trifacta (valued at $250m), Drivy (acquired by Getaround for $300m), and Pinduoduo (NASDAQ: PDD) which IPO'd in 2018 and today has a market cap of $25B. Now with $1B in assets under management, they trace their success to a global partner ecosystem that includes access to large corporate LP networks, investors based in the U.S., Europe and Asia and, by operating on a thesis-driven strategy from a single worldwide investment fund. They've raised one Fund (see: Cathay Debut), recently announced a $168 million FUND focused on Africa and that they're raising a Second Fund (See: Cathay Fund II).

Published Monday, January 13, 2020 7:26 AM by David Marshall
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