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Gigamon 2020 Predictions: The Perfect Storm

VMblog Predictions 2020 

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2020.  Read them in this 12th annual series exclusive.

By Executives of Gigamon

The Perfect Storm: 2020 Predictions from Gigamon

In today's digital world, users, applications, and devices continue to grow exponentially, resulting in a data explosion. In fact, by 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet. This increase in data volume paired with digital transformation technology investments and lightning fast 5G and 100 gigabit networks, has led to a very complex enterprise infrastructure setup.

Meanwhile, the dangers of cybercrime are simultaneously escalating. Data breaches have increased by 75 percent since 2016; and this is despite a massive and growing investment in cyber security software, which is expected to reach a quarter of a trillion dollars by 2023.

The influx of data, the speed of networks and the increase in threats is the perfect storm for organizations.

With this in mind, I offer the following predictions:


Shehzad Merchant, Chief Technology Officer

Shehzad Merchant

Zero trust will come under scrutiny. "This will be good in the sense that cybersecurity leaders will look at how to build and deploy a zero trust-based framework within their organizations. But it could also lead them to struggle with incorporating legacy devices, applications and process under the zero trust framework."


Jack Hamm, Chief Information Security Officer

Jack Hamm

Security executives will stop talking prevention and start talking resiliency. "We can't stop the bad stuff because we can't anticipate it. After every major cyber event, we see the same refrain: "it seems so obvious now...", then fingers are pointed, people are blamed and the cycle resets.  Cyber events are incomprehensibly obvious but we can't change that due to the massive complexity, tight coupling, and destabilizing influence of humans on the systems. The best we can do in 2020 is to be resilient and be able to function in a degraded state for extended periods of time."  

We will reevaluate the current state of AI. "2020 will be the year we realize that AI is currently operating with the capability of an adorable puppy and probably won't solve all our cyber problems."


Christel Ventura, Chief People Officer

Christel Ventura

AI will up-level the recruiting process. "More use and acceptance of AI when it comes to ranking and assessing candidates, as well as tools that remove or mitigate bias in recruiting, will lead to finding more diverse talent and a faster recruiting process overall. Continued use of AI to replace repeatable business tasks, such as scheduling interviews, will also allow recruiters and HR managers to reallocate resources to more meaningful tasks and interactions."



Shane Buckley, President and Chief Operating Officer

Shane Buckley

Governments will upgrade their systems to enhance security. "Governments worldwide are targets of sophisticated attacks from nation-state actors and other nefarious users. As governments implement digital transformation to increase efficiency and effectiveness for their citizens, they will also need to upgrade their systems to support capabilities like the Continuous Mitigation & Diagnostics (CDM) program implemented by the US government to enhance their network security."

Visibility will be vital to ensuring digital transformation efforts. "I expect DevOps teams of all organizations to continue deploying microservices in higher volumes in 2020, putting enormous pressure on security and compliance teams to maintain security posture. Visibility into traffic streams to, from and between microservices will become critical to ensure organizations can monitor and secure these applications while meeting company standards for digital transformation."



Shane Buckley, President and Chief Operating Officer

Network operators will push their current systems beyond their operating limit. "With leading network operators expected to roll out 5G services in 2021, I expect network upgrades to occur in 2020 with a bigger ramp-up in 2021. 5G networks are expected to operate at 7-10x the speed of LTE-making network optimization critical to ensure operators can support the application/network performance and security tools at this rate. In 2020, network operators will push their current systems beyond their operating limit, so a new approach to support this massive volume increase in traffic is crucial."


Shehzad Merchant, Chief Technology Officer

2020 will be an investment year for 5G. "In 2020, there will be a race among handset manufacturers to proliferate 5G handsets. The real benefits of 5G, however, won't be as apparent in 2020 but in the years beyond. In this regard, 2020 will only be an investment year for 5G."


Published Monday, January 13, 2020 7:36 AM by David Marshall
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