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OneLogin 2020 Predictions: How Organizations Will Tackle the Challenges of Increasing Cyber Complexity in 2020

VMblog Predictions 2020 

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2020.  Read them in this 12th annual series exclusive.

By OneLogin executive team

How Organizations Will Tackle the Challenges of Increasing Cyber Complexity in 2020

There has never been a more important year for cybersecurity than in 2020.

More of our lives take place in virtual spaces than ever before, from banking to shopping to learning. Even the age-old practice of casting a vote takes on new layers of added meaning and potential pitfalls when the interconnectedness of the world becomes a part of the equation.

As one of the top voices and creators in all things related to cybersecurity, OneLogin asked several of its leaders to gaze into their crystal ball and share the trends they could see driving conversations, products and challenges for organizations in the upcoming year. They predicted important shifts in the ways companies protect people, the escalating costs of new regulations and a growing threat from cybercrime:

Identity and access management (IAM) is shifting how organizations benefit their people

"Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be a big part of reducing friction around authentication but we'll see enterprises focus more on transparency with AI in the coming year. As consumers and end-users become more skeptical of how the technology is being used, we'll see these technologies get better at providing transparency around its algorithms and how they are determining the actions and decisions it carries out." - Jeffrey Broberg, senior director of product management

"Decentralization will become the new buzzword in 2020. We are centralized now with large tech companies having control over a lot of the data. This next year we'll see companies begin to position themselves as decentralized in one way or another. The control of data will begin to shift back to the consumer and end-user. People will stop becoming the product." - Rich Chetwynd, product manager, OneLogin

"The current IAM model doesn't deal with the complexities of the enterprise as of today. Outside of the cloud workloads, it's not fully integrated into the world. So looking at 2020, the bulk of the energy is going to be spent on a few different things, including how to integrate all the various workloads. Hybrid is a reality, and as we look ahead, hybrid will continue to rule. We need to support capabilities and technologies that don't leave behind all these on-premise workloads and then focus just on the cloud." - Venkat Sathyamurthy, chief product officer, OneLogin

New and existing regulations will address privacy but may be costly for businesses

"New regulations in California and around the world are going to be expensive, and I think it's going to make companies more fearful. It will probably encourage companies to put a little bit more diligence around their data protections. However, it's also going to be interesting to see how regulators respond when the first small company goes out of business because of a data breach. I don't think the intent of the regulations is to put companies out of business, but it could possibly happen if a breach were big enough." - Vanessa Pegueros, chief trust and security officer, OneLogin

"In 2020, there will be a scramble to get in line with privacy regulation. In the last few years, many US companies sat back and watched as GDPR and other regulations were implemented but now they are seeing their friends get fined and privacy is raising eyebrows at the board level. OneLogin predicts board members will be held more responsible for breaches and other issues and it will scare the rest of the enterprise into making privacy a top-level priority." - Rich Chetwynd, product manager, OneLogin

The changing face of authentication will alter how people approach cybersecurity and cybercrime

"With the convenience of what the iPhone has brought to the masses with facial recognition, end-users will continue to expect similar offerings from most if not all applications in 2020. Although facial recognition has its flaws, the convenience outweighs the concerns for users." - Vanessa Pegueros, chief trust and security officer, OneLogin

"All of the large-scale data breaches are making companies paranoid, and they are making the password requirements stronger - requiring them to be from eight to 14 characters long and putting other elements in place. Guess what? When you make passwords so complex, users are going to write them on a sticky note and put it on their computer so they don't forget. So it's not about putting all these gates and tricks in place, because people find a way to ignore them. It's about balancing risk with making the experience as seamless as possible. In that sense, a password is going to become something more effective, like biometrics." - Venkat Sathyamurthy, chief product officer, OneLogin

"The sophistication around phishing has become even higher. Instead of just embedding a document that might have some kind of malware in it, you're going to receive an embedded video or voice message that might sound like your boss - or your boss's boss." - Vanessa Pegueros, chief trust and security officer, OneLogin


Published Monday, January 20, 2020 7:40 AM by David Marshall
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