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Embotics 2020 Predictions: Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Take Hold

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By Jesse Stockall, Chief Technology Officer, Embotics

Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Take Hold

If you've been reading the news over the past year, I'd forgive you if you thought that the majority of organizations had gone all in on public cloud and were using a single vendor. The truth is, organizations' data is still sprawled across different environments and locations - organizations are using public cloud, but they're also using private cloud and on-premise infrastructure. And the reality is, that's not going to change any time soon.

In the year ahead, I predict that we'll move away from the shiny (unrealistic) goal of organizations using a single, public cloud vendor, and come back to reality to meet organizations where they're actually operating.

This includes organizations embracing cloud management tools that - thanks to consolidation - are more comprehensive and beneficial than ever before. Further, I anticipate the industry will finally recognize hybrid cloud for the value it delivers to organizations today, and for the foreseeable future, instead of pushing companies toward trends that simply aren't close to maturity (like cloud native and serverless.)

Cloud is now a part of most companies' IT strategy, and that's a good thing - but organizations are finally taking control of their environments and adopting the solutions that actually work for them.

Here's are my predictions for 2020:

Prediction #1 - Multi-cloud has arrived, but not without its challenges

Most enterprises will have more than one cloud provider. Effectively and consistently managing multiple cloud environments remains a challenge - there is no unifying layer to save money or protect the enterprise. The big cloud providers are offering tools that manage their own environments - leaving the customer with the complexity of ensuring consistency across their different environments.

As a result, organizations will realize that beyond IT and development, their InfoSec and financial teams also need to have experts in trained for each and every cloud vendor they use. Since it is not common for individuals to get certified across multiple cloud providers (i.e. certified in both AWS and Azure), teams will have to navigate through the challenge of avoiding certification duplication and filling in the missing gaps accordingly. 

Prediction #2 - Consolidation of the cloud management market

Comprehensive cloud management has many factors, ranging from expense management, to security governance, to license management and self-service provisioning. By offering a full-service platform from an experienced cloud management provider vs. a collection of point tools, vendors are able to provide their customers with a comprehensive solution to manage workloads regardless of whether they live on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

In the past 16 months, we've seen Snow Software acquire Embotics, VMware acquire CloudHealth, Flexera acquire RightScale, and Apptio acquire both FittedCloud and Cloudability. Needless to say, consolidation of the cloud management market isn't going to stop anytime soon, and we can expect to see more individual cloud management vendors get snapped up in 2020. 

Prediction #3 - As much as cloud native, serverless, etc., are shinning, we are going to be in a hybrid environment for the next decade

While cloud native and serverless technology are making headlines, they represent a small fraction of currently deployed applications. We are going to deal with legacy infrastructure and monolithic architectures for the considerable future, as organizations are just doing "lift and shift" - leaving them with the same issues, just in a different location.

In 2020, companies will struggle to achieve the promised benefits a migration to cloud can bring if they do not adopt new processes and tools that continually monitor and optimize their cloud environments. The sticker-shock when seeing the bill for poorly optimized workloads that were moved to cloud will cause many cloud migrations to stall or slowdown.

VMware isn't going away, on-prem isn't going away. Trends may be shifting, but legacy technologies and hybrid environments are the reality for 2020 and beyond.


About the Author 

Jesse Stockall 

Jesse Stockall is the chief technology officer at Embotics. He has more than over 20 years of industry experience, with a track record of delivering value to organizations through technical innovation and adaptable, intuitive design. He spent the past 13 years leading the development of Embotics' award-winning cloud management platform, Commander. Prior to joining Embotics, Jesse designed autonomic computing capabilities and management tooling for embedded applications at Symbium. He has also held positions at CRYPTOCard, the Canadian government and Digital Equipment Corp.

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