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One Identity 2020 Predictions: Breaking the Cycle of Cyberattacks in an Increasingly Vulnerable Landscape

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By Darrell Long, VP of Product Management and Marketing at One Identity

Breaking the Cycle of Cyberattacks in an Increasingly Vulnerable Landscape

2019 has felt like the year of cyberattacks, from ransomware attacks impacting states and governments to more sophisticated types of variants being discovered. As we quickly approach 2020, many companies are preparing to combat the cyber-threats discovered in 2019, but this course of action isn't enough. Each year cybercriminals develop new tactics to hack, disrupt, and breach privileged data, meaning that the threats in 2019 will completely change over the course of 2020. To help organizations proactively prepare for the potential threats that arise in 2020 let's explore some of the emerging threats that are already on the horizon.

Vulnerabilities Arising from Robotics Process Automation

In 2020, robotics process automation (RPA) will continue its disruptive rise and become even more ingrained in our everyday lives. By the end of 2019, Gartner predicts that RPA revenue will reach $1.3B and forecasts even more growth in the new year. However, there is one big issue when it comes to this integration of RPA - security. With the rapid adoption of RPA, security has become an afterthought, leaving major vulnerabilities. Like we've seen with other innovations, there will be a significant breach to RPA technology in 2020, as this technology will draw attention from cybercriminals who are after the privileged data RPA technologies hold. Unfortunately, security will be applied once it's too late and regulations are forced on the use of RPA technology.

Organizations Still Failing to Secure the Cloud

There is a "gold rush" for organizations to move their data to the cloud, with everyone wanting to jump on the cloud bandwagon. The problem is that many are leaping before they look. Large organizations are making rapid moves to the cloud without ensuring their data is secured in transit and once it's there. In 2020, there will be multiple organizations who deal with data privacy breaches and regulatory fines, as these steps are not being adequately addressed from the beginning of the move. Even with the Shared Responsibility Model and news about vulnerabilities with cloud security, we foresee many organizations failing to conduct due diligence and being burned by leaving their data insecure in the cloud. The result will be them finding out too late that proper identity governance and privileged access management practices could have been applied to data in its on-prem state and continue through the transition into the Cloud.

Why Improper Cybersecurity is More Harmful Than You Think

In 2020, we will see companies across all industries struggle with the integration of proactive data privacy practices and policies. GDPR and other regulations in the works will punish those organizations that are negligent around data handling. As companies notify customers following breaches, if it is found that proper data protection practices, such as identity governance and administration and privileged access management are not being implemented, we will see harsher punishments. Based on these new regulations, we'll see a rush from companies backtracking and working to implement the right security tools and practices after a breach. 

The Effects of Data Theft Will be Felt Years After the Initial Breach

In the next year, data will continue as a hot commodity that cybercriminals are after, and organizations will continue to drop the ball on protecting it. In today's data-driven economy, data is more valuable than oil and hackers are more than aware of the profits they could garner from stolen privileged account credentials. Over the new year, as organizations continue to fail at implementing privileged account management (PAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) in order to properly secure and govern the data they hold, we'll see companies no longer able to keep a competitive edge and fall to the wayside as other more security-centric organizations rise due to customers trusting those focused on protecting their Data.

AI Gaining a Foothold in the Cybersecurity Landscape

AI has the opportunity to go from being an underutilized tool, seen as "smoke-and-mirrors" to providing real value to organizations. AI and analytics will change the way identity governance and administration (IGA) is implemented and will provide a major step forward in delivering continued governance when accessing a company's applications and services and the data these critical systems hold. The reason AI and analytics were not properly secured and governed in the past was due to the fact that many organizations were not aware of how to integrate AI and analytics into their security and governance program. However, in 2020, companies are now at a point that they are more comfortable with AI and fully understand the high value it brings into the security program and now they need to step up and secure and govern it in an effective way.

As we quickly approach not only 2020 but the new decade, there will be new and more sophisticated tactics hackers have developed to breach privileged data, as is the same each year. To disrupt this cycle, companies will need to proactively enforce cybersecurity measures and remain forward-thinking in an increasingly data-driven world. 


About the Author

Darrell Long

Darrell Long is VP of Product Management and Marketing at One Identity.

Darrell's experience includes leadership positions focused on networking, identity and access management and security. He has led sales, marketing and product management teams and strategic programs at Silicon Valley startups and large public companies. He balances a deep product and operational excellence with a strong marketing skills.

At One Identity, he helps drive market and technology leadership for their enterprise identity product portfolio, which delivers an integrated and comprehensive approach to solving today's identity-based security challenges.
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