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Kaspersky Champions Data Privacy Day in 2020, showcasing importance of protecting digital data
Kaspersky North America has announced its continued commitment to champion Data Privacy Day 2020, an international initiative creating awareness about the importance of safeguarding private information. In addition to championing year over year, Kaspersky is supporting Privacy Day globally with a report that looks into typical privacy risks and cyberthreats faced by users of its consumer products. 

As modern services give consumers a wide range of benefits, they also require consumers to share personal information; it's estimated that this year, the total amount of data used online will reach 44 zettabytes. As services and technologies increase reward offerings, it's crucial for consumers to understand the potential risks affecting their personal privacy. As a result, Data Privacy Day is a growing global effort to raise public awareness and encourage organizations to responsibly manage personal data of customers.

To show global support, Kaspersky published an International Privacy Day report that analyzed typical privacy risks and cyberthreats faced by users of its consumer products. The findings showed that of the 85% of Kaspersky Security Cloud users worldwide that took advantage of its "Account Check" function on their mobile devices, all of them found that their email addresses were in the public domain due to data breaches and other privacy-related incidents. The special report also highlights insights about common attack techniques used against consumers, including phishing and password stealers.

"Data Privacy Day is a strong, annual advocacy for privacy protection and it is important that these issues are also supported year-round," said Brian Anderson, head of digital sales, Kaspersky North America. "We see firsthand the impact cyber-attacks have on consumers' lives and therefore work to consistently provide the best cybersecurity protections available. By showing our support through championing, we hope to not only remind consumers of the benefits to proper digital hygiene, but also encourage more organizations join the cause to improve digital data protections."

To keep sensitive information protected from privacy threats and ensure personal data remains secure, Kaspersky recommends the following:

  • Avoid any suspicious links or applications. If you have been shared a link or document from an unknown source, or are not sure what it may contain, check with the sender.
  • Remain vigilant while using the internet by reading links and service agreements carefully. Only use certified and secure programs and websites.
  • Keep your internet security services up-to-date by installing the latest patches and product updates. This way, your device remains protected against the latest threats.
  • Start using "Privacy Checker", an online tool that was created to help people set up their social media accounts securely.
  • Install a reliable security solution - such as Kaspersky Security Cloud - that can protect your account details and notify you should any of your personal data be compromised.

Further information from Kaspersky report for International Privacy Day 2020 is available here.

Published Wednesday, January 29, 2020 7:11 AM by David Marshall
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