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NICE 2020 Predictions: Organizations Will Embrace Innovative Technology to Empower Tomorrow's Workforce

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By Aviad Abiri, VP, Portfolio Sales Enablement, NICE

Organizations Will Embrace Innovative Technology to Empower Tomorrow's Workforce

Technology has changed virtually every aspect of our lives - now it is also changing how we work and how well we get the job done. As technology continues to advance and the customer experience function becomes more sophisticated, a new workforce with different requirements and expectations is being ushered in. In fact, McKinsey reports that the demand for employees with higher cognitive skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, decision making and complex information processing will grow 19 percent by 2030. This new analytical workforce will be powered by both data and automation - helping individuals expand their skillsets so they can focus on more valuable tasks and achieve goals. Below are three trends that will take off when analyzing what the workplace of the future looks like in 2020:

Companies will elect to democratize their data in 2020  

Over the past few years, we've seen companies adopt more data scientists and specialized data roles. In 2020, we will see more organizations digitally transforming and adopting AI and machine learning. These technologies are also making data analysis easy to grasp and accessible to employees from non-technical learning backgrounds. This democratization of data will empower customer service employees without an advanced degree in data analysis to easily understand and act on these insights. This will allow them to draw conclusions about customer engagements, broadening the skillset for the larger employee base and offering more opportunities for analysis.

2020 will see the rise of the consumer-employee

In 2020, employees will bring their consumer sensibilities and expectations to the workplace. Companies must adapt to these employee expectations and understand their workplace journey, treating them with the same sophistication as their customers. Companies will look to operationalize this by giving the workforce a flexible environment (i.e. making shift selection personalized and changes easier in the contact center) and providing personalized guidance to engage, empower and motivate them. This will include setting goals to achieve behaviors rather than KPIs, using AI to determine which guidance vehicles work best for which individual employee and leveraging gamification to motivate them within their peer group. The most successful organizations of 2020 will be those that are able to best engage this more complex workforce.

Access to data and AI-driven experiences will be essential for employees to deliver on ROI in 2020

Employees are beginning to understand the importance of AI and automation when it comes to improving their overall workload and helping them succeed in their role. While new technologies can sometimes be daunting, they are key for a customer service employees' happiness, job satisfaction and as a result, satisfied customers. In fact, Gartner found that 75 percent of organizations increased customer experience technology investments in 2018. These factors will help employees and customers alike when it comes to augmenting flexibility, personalization and new processes that enhance day-to-day work for contact center employees.

When visualizing the future of work in 2020, it's important to look at the influence of data, automation and AI-powered technologies. These dynamics will have a significant impact on employee engagement and goals, resulting in a happier, more productive and efficient workforce.


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Aviad Abiri, VP Portfolio Sales Enablement, NICE

Aviad Abiri 

In his role as VP of Portfolio Sales Enablement at NICE, Aviad Abiri is responsible for equipping all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with NICE's customer stakeholders, across the entire range of NICE's portfolio offerings and at each stage of the customer problem-solving life cycle.

Published Thursday, January 30, 2020 7:35 AM by David Marshall
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