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Cloud Sustainability and the Future of Environmental Data
The cloud has become a tool that many companies cannot do without anymore. In essence, a cloud is a virtually limitless storage space that can be accessed anywhere with any device, making the concept invaluable for both local and international businesses. Though the cloud has been a huge leap forward in the realm of efficiency, there's also an impact it's starting to make on the environment.

By making companies more efficient with time, the cloud is automatically helping in the realm of sustainability. However, the cloud has also started to make a more purposeful impact that's going to be refined more in the future. By bringing all information across one business together within the cloud, the company can look at all environmental data at once, making big waves in the future of efficiency.

Environmental Data's Future

Environmental data is information collected throughout all aspects of the business that records resources, waste, emissions and any other foreseeable impacts on the natural environment. The larger the company, the more difficult this task can become, making a business' sustainable practices crawl to a standstill. 

However, with technology like the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, the data can be gathered much easier. The Salesforce Sustainability Cloud is made specifically for environmental data. This particular cloud is made to easily track, analyze and address reliable data to help reduce carbon emissions. 

The entire idea of a cloud is to connect data from anywhere in the company, but having a cloud made and used specifically with a single task in mind can mean the difference between quick, efficient work and a slow slog through tedious, irrelevant data.

Why Businesses Choose Sustainability

When businesses are efficient enough to reduce waste and use renewable resources, they're also saving a lot of money in the process. Not to mention many consumers notice what a business is doing in regard to things they personally care about, like the environment. In fact, 88% of consumers are more loyal to companies that have environmental missions in mind.

Huge businesses like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are also committed to sustainability despite no longer needing to reach out to their clientele. Big businesses like these are the sort of entities that make the largest impacts on our environment, but they also lose massive amounts of money through wasted resources, emissions driving down the health of local employees and even creating an increasingly smaller amount of server space.

The cloud, like all aspects of the internet, exists in massive server farms that need to have a lot of space and resources to keep as cool and abundant as possible. By using part of the cloud exclusively to collect data on sustainability, a business can lower its needs for server farms by consolidating more and more of their data. Clouds being used for environmental data even work to help themselves.

Why the Change Is Needed

Collecting and sorting through environmental data isn't exactly a new line of work. The way this position used to run and still runs in many businesses is with outdated, incomplete data. Information that's constantly changing is difficult to understand completely when there isn't a steady stream of data coming in. Working in greenhouse gas or GHG accounting can be frustrating without the needed tools.

Technology like the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud is what makes GHG accounting a lot easier. Information is constantly flowing in through the cloud, whether by user input or sensors throughout the company. The change in process from gathering data through third parties and outdated spreadsheets to one cloud can make a whole company run more efficiently.

How Cloud Sustainability Impacts the World

Our harm to the planet comes in many forms, some that we don't even mean to create. Population, for example, will continue to grow and force us to feed more people with less land and resources. Every change we make now can help us in the future.

Cloud sustainability is a very large win for environmentalists. As said, the big businesses of the world are the ones making the most impact. Changing their practices with more reliable environmental data doesn't just help their profit but also the planet. With more sustainable clouds, we can better secure our future on a much larger scale.


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Published Tuesday, February 18, 2020 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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