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VMblog Q&A with Karl Van Den Bergh of Gigamon Ahead of the 2020 RSA Conference


Are you getting ready for the upcoming RSA Conference, the world's leading information security conference and exposition?  The event kicks off next week in San Francisco.  Ahead of the show, VMblog spoke with Karl Van Den Bergh, Chief Marketing Officer of Gigamon, the company providing network visibility and analytics on all information-in-motion across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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VMblog:  Can you provide VMblog readers with a quick overview of Gigamon?

Karl Van Den Bergh:  Gigamon is the first company to deliver unified network visibility and analytics on all information-in-motion from raw packets to apps and across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Gigamon aggregates, transforms and analyzes network traffic to solve critical performance and security needs, including rapid threat detection and response, freeing organizations to drive digital innovation. In short, Gigamon enables organizations to run fast, stay secure and innovate.

VMblog:  With RSA coming up this month, what is your message to RSA attendees and those individuals who won't be able to make the conference this year?

Van Den Bergh:  At this year's RSA, we are really focusing on removing blind spots with complete network traffic visibility to provide a more resilient and secure network. Data moves faster than ever before, while simultaneously networks are becoming more complex. It is essential now more than ever to have access to solutions that will reduce risk, complexity and costs, while also providing total visibility and analytics.

VMblog:  What market needs or problems is Gigamon addressing in the security space? 

Van Den Bergh:  As global enterprises continue the journey of Digital Transformation (DX), networks continue to grow more complex, and face the expectation of both faster transmission speeds and a broadened threat landscape. Pervasive network visibility and analytics are integral parts of an organization's ability to run fast, stay secure and remain on the cusp of innovation throughout DX initiatives.

Gigamon's Visibility and Analytics Fabric helps to deliver a unified visibility architecture across physical, virtual and cloud environments. It goes beyond any network packet broker to deliver a smarter, more proactive approach to network management, monitoring and security. 

In the event of threat activity, Gigamon Cloud-native NDR allows organizations to get ahead of investigating suspicious behavior by proactively hunting for potential risks, and directing a fast and effective response to active threats. ThreatINSIGHT quickly triages alerts and gathers intelligence to direct efficient response activities, while obtaining a broad situational awareness across physical, virtual, and cloud networks.

VMblog:  What are the biggest challenges you have seen with organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation (DX) efforts?

Van Den Bergh:  The most fundamental piece of DX is the introduction of new applications that power the transformation. Typically, they leverage microservice architectures, are deployed across hybrid infrastructure and are consumed on countless mobile devices. These applications increase the complexity of the infrastructure, and organizations often struggle to properly secure these applications and ensure they run with consistent performance.

VMblog:  What are some top priorities for security leaders at RSA to consider in a world of digital transformation?

Van Den Bergh:  Security leaders need to have an in-depth understanding and a clear view of new digital applications that power DX. Having a clear view and the right kind of data will help them to understand the interactions of the applications, as well as their performance and security characteristics. This visibility needs to span on-premises, private, public and multi-cloud environments in order to obtain a good handle on security. Additionally, the ability to isolate specific application or microservice communication streams for deeper inspection allows SecOps teams to easily understand access patterns and put into place effective micro-segment strategies.

VMblog:  When it comes to achieving digital transformation, what sets Gigamon apart from its competitors? 

Van Den Bergh:  Gigamon recently introduced Application Intelligence, which empowers IT teams and analytical tools with unparalleled application visibility and control. When it comes to DX, Gigamon Application Intelligence gives teams the application visibility needed to monitor and secure modern digital applications. It isolates and extracts application and component traffic across multiple tiers for monitoring, provides application metadata to analytics tools and sends only relevant traffic to the appropriate tools to reduce load and increase effectiveness.

VMblog:  Is there anything else VMblog readers should know about Gigamon?

Van Den Bergh:  Gigamon had an unbelievable 2019, delivering record revenue growth, with the strongest fourth quarter in the company's history. With new product growth, continued growth in Federal business, and the growth of our channel-initiated pipeline last year, we entered 2020 with strong momentum and we are planning to continue this growth throughout the course of the year. Network visibility and analytics is mission-critical to any organization engaging in a DX initiative. Without network visibility and analytics, IT teams cannot see through the complexity of hybrid infrastructure to effectively manage security and performance, preventing the organization from being able to innovate. Gigamon is the established market leader in network visibility and analytics with twice the market share of the next closest rival. Thanks to its Network Visibility and Analytics Fabric, Gigamon is helping IT teams in thousands of organizations, including 83 of the Fortune 100, to keep their infrastructure running fast and staying secure so their organizations can go innovate.  Learn more at

If you can't make it out and visit us at RSA, visit Gigamon to learn more about all the security solutions we offer.


Published Friday, February 21, 2020 9:25 AM by David Marshall
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