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Is your Company Looking for Something to Give up for Lent? Try legacy tech.
During this time of year, discussions around giving up bad habits increase as a way to mark the start of Lent, a religious observance that spans 40 days. Often, participants look to cut back or limit certain foods, drinks and activities. Even for the non-religious, the season provides a time to reflect on poor habits and vices, opening up the opportunity to improve health and personal relationships. 

This reflection is also important for businesses and organizations to consider as they plan for the health and wellbeing of their companies for the remainder of the year. One major obstacle faced by businesses looking to progress and modernize their IT infrastructures is holding onto legacy technology.

Since the technology industry is based on constantly providing the latest improvements, outdated IT infrastructures can lead to a series of issues, including preventing businesses from keeping up with the competition, missing opportunities to provide first-rate customer service and opening up a business to security vulnerabilities. Below, two industry experts provide advice on why you should consider replacing your legacy technology.

Think About Your Customers

"As we enter a new decade, everything as a service is increasingly becoming the preferred business model. In the Managed Services Provider world, the ability to deliver flexible software and services ultimately determines the fate of a business. Consider the inflexible - and time-consuming - nature of traditional IT support. An on-site technician is required to schedule a visit, find the problem, report, calculate the cost and materials required to fix the issue, and then come back and actually fix the issue. What customer is going to accept that kind of arrangement? 

"Thankfully, the ‘as a service' model has changed all that. The introduction of remote monitoring and management tools has helped organizations adopt more proactive measures for IT. Managed services provide more streamlined and consistent support for IT than legacy measures ever could have. So, to all MSPs out there, legacy software architectures were never built to address your business's needs - or the needs of your customers. Give up the legacy tech and adopt a software architecture that will transform how you deliver managed IT services to your customers," Gregg Lalle, SVP International Sales, ConnectWise.

Commit to Modernization

"The nature of technology is such that everything new ages quickly. This is particularly true of storage technologies. As our reliance on data peaks, the volume of unstructured data explodes. The challenges caused by this data sprawl have moved beyond how enterprises should manage their storage systems and have extended into when to migrate away from legacy technologies to new storage solutions. 

Outdated technologies often can't handle the scope, scale, or pace of today's data management requirements. They start crumbling under the strain and become very costly to keep operational. 

If you're observing Lent and looking for something to give up -- and you want to improve the relationship your organization has with technology -- consider giving up legacy storage solutions that can't provide the value you're after. Not just for 40 days... but for good. 

Agile organizations have to embrace data mobility to truly unlock the value of their data capital. Data silos have to be broken down using flexible tools to move, archive, and protect data. Data should always be in the "best" place on-prem or in the cloud. Best in terms of cost, availability, performance, functionality, protection, and compliance.

Don't be afraid, go for the challenge: start moving your data and give up legacy this Lent," Carl D'Halluin, CTO, Datadobi.

Published Wednesday, February 26, 2020 5:04 PM by David Marshall
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