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ServiceNow Talks About The Importance of Resilience
[ This article is part of a series promoting FailoverConf -- a virtual event dedicated to resilience hosted by Gremlin on April 21. Join! ]

When our friends at Gremlin reached out about supporting an online conference born out of resilience, focused on resiliency - A Failover Conf - we jumped at the opportunity. As people, and companies, all over the world adapt and stress systems in novel and unanticipated ways we're learning quickly about adaptability and resiliency in the enterprise.

ServiceNow views operational resilience as a multi-faceted discipline that runs across development, operational processes, and technology. As technologists, it's easy for us to focus on the technical aspects of making sure that services are operational. However, that's only one aspect of resiliency - it's also the people and processes around them.

How many of us have setup a personal backup solution and then only discovered when it's too late that something had gone wrong along the way and we couldn't restore the data? It's easy to do in our personal lives, and unfortunately many processes and services in the enterprise suffer from the same fate.

ServiceNow is at the nexus of people, process, and technology and can enable customers to build more resilient systems and processes by fostering strong collaboration between development and operations teams across all stages of a service's lifecycle on one platform. End-to-end management and visibility of a service is made possible by innovative applications and capabilities, such as:

  • Agile Development and Test Management that pull your SDLC workflows together in one system and connect them to other activities already taking place in ServiceNow.
  • DevOps Change Automation that uses toolchain data to create and manage ITSM changes automatically in a DevOps workflow.
  • DevOps Insights that measure technology, performance, and culture KPIs, and simplify auditing.
  • Developer Integrations that allow developers to work in existing tools while sharing data for use in ServiceNow® workflows.
  • Change Management that aligns with the pace of DevOps through features like adaptable approval policies, while minimizing risk and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Service Dependency Views that help you visualize complex data to understand impact and risk, make better decisions, and provide better business services.
  • Major Incident Management (MIM) that uses embedded, proven practice workflows to streamline the identification, tracking, and resolution of high‑impact incidents. MIM pulls in right folks at the right time across multiple platforms to ensure that disruptions are handled quickly, communications are targeted to the right audiences , and the learnings from the post-mortem are acted upon and fed into improving that service.
  • Continual Improvement Management drives new levels of service efficiency with a structured framework that brings together people, processes, and data in one place to achieve service excellence in any process.

Gremlin can complement any of these areas for pre-production and production environments. For example, Service dependency views can help create a hypothesis of what an attack may do to a service and scenarios can be created to validate that fix for a major incident was successful.

These are just some of the many examples of how ServiceNow's unique position as a platform of platforms, robust service management capabilities, and ever-adaptable technology enables customers to build systems and services that recover quickly from adversity - known and unknown - into everything they do.

ServiceNow is extremely excited to partner with Gremlin, and other conference supporters, to learn about the new and exciting ways to people are championing resilience in their organizations, and invite you to join us.


About the Author

Michael Malcangio 

Michael (Mike) Malcangio is responsible for strategy and development of Strategic Integrations for ServiceNow's IT Service Management business unit.  He is a San Diego native and had a variety of roles in his 20+ year IT career ranging from development, management, and everything in-between.  He's passionate about customer success and the continued evolution of ServiceNow to meet their needs.

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