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KIOXIA Adds Snapshots and Clones to KumoScale Software Suite

KIOXIA America has enhanced its KumoScale storage software based on NVM Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) to include Kubernetes CSI-compliant snapshots and clones. The addition of these advanced storage functions enables KumoScale software to reduce the time pressures associated with backup processes for large, stateful applications such as databases - while consuming very little storage space. The new features also bring users the ability to clone and then non-disruptively modify production data for development, test, or quality assurance (QA) purposes.

The backup of a large database can take many hours to complete, and storage volumes must not be written during the process. For use cases in which taking the database offline for a lengthy backup window is impractical, admins can now make a snapshot of the volume in mere seconds, and then release to application to continue working while backup proceeds. KumoScale software's snapshot feature quickly creates a frozen moment in time, allowing the data as it existed at that moment to remain available to applications at very low storage cost.

KumoScale software's new clones feature allows for the creation of many new volumes that start as clean copies of a snapshot. Because only changed data is stored, even the largest data volumes can be quickly and inexpensively copied for use in query development and QA tests, without the danger of modifying production data.

Snapshot Support for Kubernetes Deployments

Additionally, KumoScale software can now be used with the CSI-compatible snapshot feature within Kubernetes 1.17, which empowers users to incorporate snapshot operations in a cluster-agnostic way. KumoScale software also enables application-consistent snapshots of Kubernetes stateful sets, directly from the Kubernetes command line.

"What we are doing with snapshots in the context of Kubernetes continues to position KumoScale software as a leader in providing high-performance storage infrastructure for the modern, containerized cloud," noted Joel Dedrick, vice president and general manager, networked storage software, KIOXIA America, Inc. "The Kubernetes Storage SIG has identified snapshot operations as critical for many stateful workloads, and KumoScale software now provides native snapshot support for Kubernetes deployments."

Making Cloud-Based Disaggregation a Reality

The ability of NVMe-oF technology to enable low-latency access to flash over a network has made solving the IT resource disaggregation challenge easier, and KumoScale software's snapshot and clone features open the door for new NVME-oF use cases. Efficient snapshotting broadens the appeal of KumoScale software's disaggregated storage technology.

The New Snapshot and Clone Features Address the Following Use Cases:

  • Populating production volume for Test & Dev purposes, such as parallel QA
  • Forking a production volume for Test & Dev, including the testing of new queries on DB volume
  • Volume migration across on-premise, cloud and archive

KIOXIA is a leading provider of NVMe SSDs, technology and data center software. For more information, please visit or

Published Tuesday, April 21, 2020 12:13 PM by David Marshall
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