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VMblog Expert Interview: Joe Duffy of Pulumi Breaks Down Their Latest Release, Pulumi 2.0

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Cloud infrastructure and engineering leader Pulumi today announced version 2.0 of its popular open source platform, adding what users are calling "Superpowers."  What's it all mean?  VMblog reached out to and spoke with Joe Duffy, the company's CEO, to find out more.

VMblog:  Can you give a quick overview of Pulumi - the company?

Joe Duffy:  Pulumi is a cloud infrastructure and engineering company that's providing a modern way to manage infrastructure-as-code (IaC) architecture. Our flagship open-source platform allows users to declare cloud infrastructure using real languages, letting developer and engineering teams collaborate better at every stage of the cloud application development lifecycle. 

VMblog:  What are you announcing today?

Duffy:  Today we're announcing the availability of Pulumi platform 2.0, a major milestone on our journey to make cloud adoption easy for teams and individuals. 

Pulumi 2.0 expands on our original Modern Infrastructure-as-Code vision, allowing developer, cloud, and engineering teams to use their favorite programming languages and tools for infrastructure provisioning. Pulumi 2.0 goes beyond provisioning and offers new cloud "superpowers" that help rapidly deliver applications and infrastructure to any private, public, or hybrid cloud.

VMblog:  What are the "superpowers" that Pulumi is providing its customers?

Duffy:  The new capabilities provided by the Pulumi 2.0 platform focus primarily on policy, testing, and architecture-as-code capabilities. Specifically, the new cloud features include:

  • Provisioning -- Reduce configuration complexity and ship applications to any cloud faster. Boost productivity using the industry's best languages and tools. Plan changes, preview diffs before they happen, and track all historical changes. Easily use online or self-hosted SaaS.

  • Delivery -- Continuously deliver application and infrastructure at scale using one of a dozen CI/CD and SCM system integrations and built-in secrets management. Improve the velocity of and visibility into all deployments with tools for managing complex global environments.

  • Architecture -- Avoid reinventing the wheel with real sharing and reuse that codifies architectural patterns and best practices. Benefit from an ecosystem of libraries, and even contribute to those, leveraging real language packages shared with the community.

  • Policy -- Prevent critical mistakes from getting deployed into any cloud. Enforce security and compliance policies, cost controls, and other best practices, using policies defined in real languages. Apply policies across the organization with fine-grained controls.

  • Testing -- Be confident that infrastructure is correct before and after deployment. Use popular testing tools and techniques, perform integration testing for ephemeral environments and post-deployment validation, and adopt agile test-driven infrastructure practices.

VMblog:  Why are you releasing Pulumi 2.0?  Who benefits the most from this product?

Duffy:  Many of our customers love that Pulumi allows them to be more efficient by supporting real programming languages and making it easier to find help online. Pulumi 2.0 brings even more languages onto the platform and ensures parity between them all with documentation. The new Policy-as-Code and testing support also helps to rapidly validate infrastructure changes, so teams are more confident in provisioning resources and applications are shipped faster than ever before.

Pulumi 2.0 is made for everyone involved in today's modern cloud-based business. Developers, infrastructure and operations teams, and security engineers will all find useful features to bypass recurring DevOps inefficiencies.

VMblog:  Who is already using Pulumi 2.0?  Is there backward compatibility for existing customers?

Duffy:  Pulumi 2.0 is available as both a paid SaaS solution for enterprise customers and as a free Community SaaS and an open-source SDK. We wanted to make sure that individuals and teams of all sizes could use Pulumi to have access to multi-cloud IaC capabilities that spanned the entire cloud application and infrastructure lifecycle.

Users of previous Pulumi products can easily move to 2.0 and we offer a high degree of compatibility and a migration guide to help customers to navigate new changes:

We will continue to offer support for customers who are using Pulumi 1.x. 

VMblog:  Finally, when will Pulumi 2.0 be available to the general public?

Duffy:  Pulumi 2.0 is now available for both existing and new customers. Migration details are available here: 


Published Friday, April 24, 2020 7:35 AM by David Marshall
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VMblog Expert Interview: Joe Duffy of Pulumi Breaks Down Their Latest Release, Pulumi 2.0 | vBroker - (Author's Link) - April 24, 2020 12:26 PM
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