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Igneous launches new capabilities for DataDiscover and DataFlow

Igneous, the SaaS data management company for file-intensive environments, today announced enhancements to DataDiscover and DataFlow.

Igneous DataFlow now enables data-heavy organizations to move data in native format from where it lives to where it needs to be, on-premises or cloud. Igneous DataDiscover catalogs all data where it lives. Now organizations can enable end users to see their data their way and find what's important to them.

Moving data is hard: it requires numerous tools and operational oversight. Legacy tools are complicated and can't provide high-performance data movement without costing more than storage itself. As organizations continue to accrue more file data, solutions allowing users to search for their data have not been able to keep up, so users spend 30% of their time just looking for their data.

Igneous DataDiscover and DataFlow enhancements allow customers full visibility into their data anywhere it lives, and the ability to move data to anywhere it needs to be. DataFlow and DataDiscover complement the Igneous suite of SaaS offerings, helping organizations take control of their data at scale.

Igneous DataFlow is geared toward data-heavy organizations that are always moving data between on-premises and cloud storage. These organizations require a fast, simple, and scalable way to move data in native formats at low operational costs. Igneous DataFlow enables organizations to leverage new NAS devices and use cloud file systems or objects without vendor lock-in. DataFlow is tier-agnostic and system-agnostic.

Igneous DataDiscover provides visibility for all data to make intelligent decisions. DataDiscover enables data owners to interact with live views, where users can search for their data to be more productive, no matter where it lives. Data owners can now spend more time doing their job and less time finding their data.

"DataDiscover unlocks massive increases in productivity and innovation by enabling engineers, researchers, and scientists to explore and find their data in seconds rather than hours or days," said Grant Tomlin, Account Executive, InterVision Systems. "IT can quickly understand data across their entire environment and stay ahead of the organization's needs rather than always being two steps behind. It gives them back a sense of control over their unstructured data," Tomlin continued.

"From the beginning, Igneous was working to manage unstructured data at scale through a suite of services, DataProtect, DataDiscover, and DataFlow" said Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO, Igneous. "With these new enhancements, organizations can take control of their data footprint to reduce complexity, increase productivity through search, move data fast to where it's needed, and leverage the cloud to reduce operational costs."

Since the Igneous suite of services are all SaaS deployed, getting started is as easy as deploying a virtual machine. DataDiscover and DataFlow enhancements will be available for Igneous customers as of May 15, 2020.

Published Tuesday, April 28, 2020 4:00 PM by David Marshall
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