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VMblog Expert Interview: Bamboo Systems Talks Early Access Program and the Roll Out of its Revolutionary Technology

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There's an interesting new company previously covered by VMblog and they are re-imagining server architecture.  The company is called Bamboo Systems, and they have a patented Parallel ARM Node Designed Architecture (PANDA) offering that was created to deliver high density throughput computing using embedded systems methodologies.  The company made a couple of recent announcements, so we took this opportunity to speak with their CEO, Tony Craythorne, to find out more.  

VMblog:  Yesterday, Bamboo Systems announced its Early Access Program.  Can you explain what that is?

Tony Craythorne:  Our Early Access Program has been established for our qualified customers and strategic partners and it is a way for us to introduce the benefits of a new server architecture that is designed from first principles to reduce power consumption while delivering exceptional high density throughput for modern software architectures. Our customers get the opportunity to test out our servers and provide us with valuable feedback on overall usability and experience that will impact future releases. 

VMblog:  And is this a Beta Program?

Craythorne:  No, this isn't a beta program. Our Early Access Program is about installing server architecture that has passed rigorous development and quality assurance criteria, and to receive valuable feedback for fine tuning to ensure that we meet the server requirements of global organizations for every data center installation.

VMblog:  You also made another announcement this week.  Tell us about Bamboo Systems' new agreement with Lifeboat Distribution.

Craythorne:  It's great news for us.  We're so pleased to say that we recently entered into an agreement with Lifeboat who is helping us with our North American roll out. Lifeboat specializes in bringing emerging technologies to market while delivering the highest customer service and support.

Lifeboat is a mature company, knows its marketplace and has over 4000 partners in the Americas and Europe. Lifeboat will recruit partners who will be some of the first to access Bamboo's patented Parallel ARM Node Designed Architecture.

We also want to point out that in addition to our agreement with Lifeboat, our investors, led by Seraphim Capital, have committed to additional funding for Bamboo, in support of our research and development efforts and the expansion that Lifeboat is spearheading for us. 

VMblog:  Can you recap Bamboo Systems' value proposition?

Craythorne:  The needs of legacy server architecture continue to drive up the cost of operating data centers. Bamboo's server architecture delivers a magnitude reduction in power consumption, using one quarter the power of a traditional style process, at one third the cost. Bamboo Systems runs processors that draw less power and couples them with direct attach memory, storage and networking which removes resource contention. With the server generating less heat, it is possible to have more working servers set up within a given space enabling 10 times the compute density when compared to traditional server architectures.

VMblog:  Finally, how have the past few months been since the debut of Bamboo Systems?

Craythorne:  As you know, Bamboo Systems was born out of KALEAO, with the goal of delivering the most power-efficient server in the market.  Bamboo has reimagined server architecture rather than continuing to evolve the 1980's PC CPU-centric approach. Our architecture is designed for high throughput for microservices, delivering approximately 10 times the level of compute density, yet using only 25% of the electrical power.  We now have a working product ready for our Early Access Program, in fact we are already working on the next two generations of our architecture. Rather than solving the symptoms of the less than optimal data center, we are solving the core problem - how to deliver compute at previously unseen densities, in a way that does not negatively impact our planet. 


Published Tuesday, May 05, 2020 7:34 AM by David Marshall
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