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Is NordVPN Secure?
Nord VPN has a reputation for being one of the oldest working VPN services on the market for privacy and protection. Yet many of the skeptics wonder if the service is all that it claims to be. That is why we have written a full review of the security of NordVPN services. After all if you are going to be paying for a secure service, you want to make sure that the service is doing what it says it will do to keep your information safe. 

NordVPN strives to keep all of your browsing private and completely secure. This is pretty much the main purpose of a VPN, so their commitment to this is really not that impressive. However, it is more important to find out if the security measures NordVPN has in place are adequate for what you are looking for.


NordVPN uses the most secure encryption available in order to disguise your data and keep your information safe. In fact, the AES 256-bit encryption that NordVPN uses is the same type of encryption used to hide top-secret information by government agencies. In other words, the encryption is pretty secure.

When you log in to your NordVPN, you are given a new key each time. Essentially, you have a brand new account each time you log on. What that means for your security is that no information is stored from use to use indicating that all of your internet activity is wiped. There is no trail left behind.

There are also a lot of new and semi-complicated security protocols in place regarding NordVPN's security practices. Even for advanced technical understanding, these protocols are a bit complicated to explain on paper. However, you can read more about the NordVPN experience here if you are interested.

NordVPN also uses something called a kill switch with your VPN. A kill switch is one of the most effective ways to remain secure when using a VPN during online browsing or streaming. Essentially, if the connection were to become compromised or faulty in some way, the kill switch would block any traffic.

The kill switch is available for NordVPN users on any of the platforms that you may need to use your VPN. If you are using your NordVPN on a desktop, you will have to manually go into your settings on the system and turn on the kill switch feature. You want to make sure that you have it on so that you are protected maximally.

You can also adjust the settings for your kill switch within the NordVPN software or app on any device you are using for protection from hackers. In the settings you can choose to completely disconnect from the internet if the VPN fails, or to simply block risky apps and websites. NordVPN is actually one of the only VPN services that offer

 this flexible ability to control how the kill switch works in order to discourage information leaks with a VPN failure.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the features listed above, NordVPN has an excellent reputation for customer service and reliability. There is very little not to love about the excellent service that NordVPN provides for customers who place their trust in them.

Overall, you can trust that NordVPN is employing the maximum factors for security. When you have a company that rivals the security of national agencies, then you know that you can feel fully protected with your online activity. The encryption, kill switch, and other features of NordVPN make it a great choice for users looking to protect their online security during this very difficult time.
Published Monday, May 18, 2020 8:01 AM by David Marshall
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