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Startup Management: How to Develop a Stress-Free Workplace


Running a startup - as most business owners know - is not necessarily a relaxing and stress-free experience. For the most part, you have inexperienced startup owners running from one place to another to get the job done, and it can feel like they are being pulled from all sides. The same thing goes for employees working in your company. When there is so much work and so little acknowledgment, it can be easy to become a disgruntled employee.

When you mix in the need of your company to be relevant in a competitive industry, it is no wonder why many startups fall short. Fortunately, you can lead your company to succeed without necessarily succumbing to stress. Here are just a few ways to develop a stress-free workplace.

The quality of your equipment and supplies play a pivotal role

Many startup owners think that going for heavily discounted supplies with subpar quality will help get the job done at the beginning, with the revenue eventually allowing a business to pay for more expensive equipment. However, cutting corners will only make for a stressful workplace, both for you and your employees.

When it comes to purchasing office equipment such as laptops, printers, photocopiers, a projector ceiling mount for a presentation projector, it is always best to go for quality rather than quantity. You will not have to worry about the supplies becoming old and worn for a long time.

Employee incentives are an absolute must

Considering that many employees will have to overwork for a startup company to stay afloat, it is no wonder why so many become disgruntled and eventually leave the company. Even worse, they will likely go on social media and proclaim just how bad your business is at taking care of its workers. To avoid such a fate, ensure that you provide the necessary incentives for your employees. Even just a little bit of acknowledgment can do wonders in fostering loyalty.

The natural order of things

There are two things to consider when it comes to reducing the stress in the workplace. The first thing is eliminating distractions to promote order. The second thing would be to add a bit more green into the workplace in the form of plants, to promote nature. It is the reason why it is called the natural order of things, and you barely have to make an effort to get the job done.

House and office plants are cheap enough to purchase without harming the budget, and maintaining a discipline for cleaning in the workplace is all you need to maintain order. You can boost efficiency and productivity in the workplace for an amount that is negligible.

Last but certainly not least, the use of business software might not necessarily fit many startups, but it might surprise you at how much the right type of software can fit yours. Following the tips above will help you maintain order in the workplace while simultaneously lowering stress levels.
Published Sunday, May 31, 2020 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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