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Harness Democratizes Cloud Cost Data for Engineering Teams with Continuous Efficiency

Harness announced the release of Continuous Efficiency, a new product that enables developers and DevOps teams to proactively manage the cost of their containerized applications and microservices running in the public cloud. Continuous Efficiency is fully integrated into the current Harness Continuous Delivery platform, providing developers and DevOps teams with immediate visibility into the cost of their applications, microservices and clusters. 

Developers turn to the public cloud to get applications to market faster, but 35% of cloud spending is wasted. Continuous Efficiency solves this gap by empowering developers to manage their own cloud costs, down to the containerized application and microservice. Instead of CFOs or finance teams reactively managing cloud spend monthly, they can "shift down" this responsibility to developers and DevOps teams, to proactively manage and optimize cloud spend daily on their own. Harness customers who tested Continuous Efficiency in beta saw up to $500,000 annualized savings on their cloud costs.

"Skyrocketing cloud costs are an unsolved problem that burden startups and large enterprises alike. The challenge is how to balance developer self-service and oversight of cloud resources with visibility, predictability and governance around the public cloud," said Jyoti Bansal, CEO and co-founder of Harness. "With budgets under the microscope at every company, the lesson is clear: equip developers with the tools and visibility they need to optimize cost, just like they get today for managing application performance and quality."

With Continuous Efficiency, Harness enables developers and DevOps teams to correlate cloud spend with application deployment or change events from a single platform. Additional benefits include:

  • Built for Developers and DevOps - While existing tools are aimed at finance teams or c-level executives who need a high-level aggregated view of cloud spend, Continuous Efficiency gives developers the context and visibility they need to see and manage cloud costs relating to their apps and microservices.
  • Root Cost Analysis for Kubernetes and Amazon ECS - Harness provides developers with granular cost breakdown by Cloud Provider, Cloud Service, Application, Microservice and Environment, and also by Kubernetes Cluster, Namespace, Workload, Node, and even Pod. It shows developers the utilized, idle, and unallocated costs of their cloud apps so they can quickly debug inefficiencies and optimize them.
  • No Tagging Required - Harness leverages its industry-leading CD model to auto-discover cloud cost for applications, microservices, environments, and clusters. Tagging is a massive pain point for developers and cloud teams, and nearly all other cloud cost tools on the market require cloud resources to be manually tagged.

The Harness platform supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. It also supports Kubernetes, GKE, EKS, AKS and Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS). Continuous Efficiency is fully integrated into the current Harness Continuous Delivery platform and available today to all Harness customers.

For more information on Continuous Efficiency, check out Continuous Efficiency resource or visit

Published Tuesday, June 09, 2020 3:26 PM by David Marshall
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