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MayaData Launches Kubera for Cloud-Native Data
MayaData, the originator of the popular cloud-native projects OpenEBS and Litmus Chaos, today announced Kubera, a new solution for the efficient operations management of Kubernetes as a data layer including logging, alerting, visualization, reporting, backups, maintenance, compliance checks, troubleshooting, and lifecycle automation. 

Kubera is delivered as SaaS or for on-premise deployments. Free individual plans are available. Kubera capabilities include:

  • Simplified configuration, management and monitoring of stateful workloads on Kubernetes, including Kafka, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and other workloads
  • Simplified back-up of stateful workloads on Kubernetes, whether the workloads are stored in the CNCF open-source project OpenEBS or otherwise
  • Dynamic visualizations of an entire Kubernetes environment, with point and click controls for capabilities such as snapshotting and cloning of data and compliance checks and alerts
  • Automated lifecycle management of data layer components including the newly available Enterprise Edition of OpenEBS and underlying storage such as disks and cloud volumes
  • Team and Enterprise plans include support services from MayaData for the entire environment including the OpenEBS Enterprise Edition and related components

Kubera subscriptions start at $49 per user per month.

Leo Fillmore from Cort Furniture said: "We selected OpenEBS and MayaData's Kubera because it was the most robust and easy to use solution for the use of Kubernetes as a data layer supporting our e-commerce and development systems. MayaData's support has been consistently excellent, and their pace of innovation is impressive."

Free accounts and subscriptions are available at Kubera Sign-up.

Murat Karslioglu, Head of Product at MayaData said: "Kubera builds on our experience in supporting a community of thousands of OpenEBS users. Originally intended to be used only by our support - we quickly learned that our users could benefit from Kubera as well. Enterprises of all sizes - and individual users - are finding that Kubera helps them to achieve cost savings and productivity gains while using Kubernetes as their data layer."

A blog providing more detail about Kubera is available from the CEO of MayaData, Evan Powell, here:

Published Monday, June 15, 2020 2:29 PM by David Marshall
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