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How Can SMEs Improve Their Security in 2020?


In this digital age, it is important that every new technology we implement also comes with its own protections and security innovations. With nefarious parties constantly on the hunt for ways to breach a company's security, it is important to stay ahead as much as you can.


Did you know that SMEs are more likely to be the target of cybercrime over larger ones? This is because it is assumed that smaller businesses will not have the same levels of protection in place. You, as a business owner or manager, need to make sure that no opportunity is left in the open.

An easy place to start is with company passwords. More often than not, people can fall into the habit of only using the same password - or even using one from their personal life. In business, this simply cannot be allowed. It can leave your organisation vulnerable if that password is compromised. Make sure that your employees are creating complex secure passwords as often as they can. Back this up with the latest cybersecurity software on all terminals in your building.

Smart Cards

Whether you want to restrict access to areas of your building, or you wish to introduce a system of smart IDs, there are many reasons why a business owner could choose to invest in smart cards. This is an affordable and straightforward way to introduce a level of security to your business.

It can be as simple as placing access gates by the front of the building. Without showing the correct pass to the smart card reader, someone will either have to contact reception to be given access or they will have to leave. It is a simple way to control everyone who comes in and out and can be applied to other areas of the company too.

Enhanced Security

If you have not addressed the security measures around your building, it is high time you did so. For example, introducing a smart doorbell with video and audio feed will monitor those who approach the door of the building. This could be a much-needed safety measure if you often have employees working by themselves, as they will be able to address potential visitors without having to open the door.

You should also look into the CCTV systems you have around your building. If the feed is particularly poor quality, you may want to update it for a clearer picture. It may also be worth addressing how much storage you have on your system as it could mean that you are only able to keep a few days' worth of footage at a time. Finally, you need to identify and eliminate any potential blindspots you might have - especially ones near staff entrances and exits.

Creating a safe and secure work environment is a key part of any owner or manager's job. As the world moves forward, it is important that businesses modernise to help keep up. Consider making some of the changes above to help improve the security of your SME.


Published Monday, June 29, 2020 12:53 PM by David Marshall
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