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The Ultimate Guide to Work From Home with Stratodesk Software

Written By Joseph Anderson - Content Manager at Stratodesk

The global pandemic has made enabling work from home integral to IT everywhere. For this reason, enterprises are searching for endpoint solutions that work. In order to function at the level needed and required, however, the standard is incredibly high. It requires a perfect combination of flexibility, power and security. None of these can be left out in order to achieve perfect synergy.

To handle the complexity of remote work, IT must be able to walk the tightrope between enabling remote work while ensuring ongoing security. For many, this will mean leveraging virtual desktops - either from on-premises data centers or Cloud based virtual desktops.

Doing so offers several significant benefits.

Work from anywhere: virtual desktops are centrally located, and not housed on the endpoint device. This means not housing confidential data on endpoints.

Work from any device: virtual and cloud desktops enable employees to access vital applications from any device, even personal devices, when used with the right endpoint solution.

For many organizations, achieving this will also mean providing VPN connectivity, or an alternative method for ensuring secure connection to the corporate network.

First Step to Achieving Remote Work: Deploying the OS

Ensuring remote work effectiveness begins with making sure endpoint devices can be converted with a foolproof operating system. At this critical stage in the work from home initiative, an organization often makes a grave error - deploying Windows across devices. Doing so is not only time and money consuming - it also brings a terrible barrier in between the organization and ultimately scaling the deployment.

Instead, software and IT leaders are leveraging Stratodesk NoTouch software for their endpoints. Doing so makes remote work a tangible, attainable goal. For starters, NoTouch OS, the Linux-based operating system, easily deploys onto thousands of devices instantly. It doesn't require hefty time investments to maintain, install, update or configure. In fact, every NoTouch converted device can be fully monitored, controlled and managed from NoTouch Center, offering total convenience and security.

Unlike Windows, Stratodesk software is Linux-based and easy to use. It offers one look and feel across all endpoints, anywhere in the world, on-premises or remote. Also unlike Windows, NoTouch doesn't require hefty, expensive malware/antivirus contracts. It is inherently secure against common and even advanced security exploits that commonly target x86 and even ARM devices.

Second Step: Making BYOD Possible

One of the reasons why enabling remote work has become so challenging is the change in work paradigms. Not only is it now safe to assume workers will need to access apps and data remotely, they also expect to use personal devices side-by-side with work ones. IT must enable secure access to everything end users need to get their work done from personal devices.

NoTouch software makes this easy via Stratodesk NoTouch GO. NoTouch GO, the USB-based Micro thin client, includes the latest version of NoTouch OS preinstalled. Here, however, the difference is that NoTouch GO does not convert the devices it is used on. Instead, it temporarily boots NoTouch on endpoints, so workers can access their applications and desktops virtually, the same they would on a device that was converted. NoTouch GO is easily managed via Stratodesk NoTouch Center.

Final Step: Management via Stratodesk NoTouch Center

Once NoTouch is deployed onto endpoints, those converted devices can connect to NoTouch Center and be automatically configured, updated and managed. This saves organizations time and money by removing manual maintenance and updates. Additionally, NoTouch Center manages all peripherals, and both x86 and ARM devices in the same environment.

Additionally, NoTouch includes several top VPN solutions including: Cisco AnyConnect, F5, CheckPoint, Fortinet, and OpenVPN. For an alternative to VPNs, enterprises can take advantage of NoTouch Cloud Xtension - the ideal product for enabling seamless connectivity without a VPN or leased line.

When combined, NoTouch OS, Cloud, GO and Cloud Xtension offer an all-in-one solution for any enterprise, anywhere, looking to enable secure, seamless remote work.

The Future of Work is Remote

Thanks to recent crisis events, it's become more clear than every that IT needs a solution that is flexible yet powerful enough to enable remote work. As technology continues to advance, and work trends continue to grow, it will become essential for the success of organizations that they have a robust way to enable work to get done.


Published Monday, June 29, 2020 8:37 AM by David Marshall
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