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Fujifilm Delivers Object Archive Software Solution with Tape Industry's First Pricing Subscription Model
FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. announced a unique subscription pricing model for their FUJIFILM Object Archive solution. The S3 compatible gateway to tape software solution makes hybrid cloud storage, cold data archiving and increased data security environments a reality. In addition, the new subscription model provides a low cost of ownership and can be recognized as an operational expense.

According to, the archive market is projected to reach six zettabytes by 2025. The vendor-neutral FUJIFILM Object Archive software solution and subscription pricing extend Fujifilm's leadership in the storage market.  Fujifilm enables a tape-based storage system for object storage technology with its newly developed open file format, OTFormat, specifically designed to optimize performance by packing objects.

"The adoption of hybrid cloud environments continues to accelerate and is driving demand for enhanced security and lower TCO," said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "As the world moves to a digital future measured in the zettabytes, FUJIFILM Object Archive software in conjunction with its subscription pricing enables customers to tier those massive levels of data to tape and still have OpEx budget left over for other IT projects."

Key benefits of FUJIFILM Object Archive software solution with software and tape subscription include:

Object-based Archive Software:

  • Operates as Glacier in a data center, with no egress fees and an S3-compatible API
  • Optimizes tape-tier for long-term retention
  • Writes objects to tape with an open format
  • Supports LTO-7 and above
  • Leverages the latest generation of tape media
  • Eliminates security risks for archive data via an air-gap only available with tape technology
  • Lowest TCO, saves 86 percent versus disk and 66 percent versus cloud (ESG's Aug 2018 Report "Quantifying the Economic Benefits of LTO-8 Technology)

Subscription and Tape Subscription:

  • Tiered pricing model based on capacity and term of the subscription
  • FUJIFILM Object Archive is the first hardware-independent object storage solution that includes the media with the software subscription (2x software license capacity for both a primary and secondary copy).
  • Pricing includes software upgrades, support and maintenance, and moves archive storage from CAPEX to OPEX with predictable, scalable, transparent pricing.

"The storage industry is always hungry for new innovative solutions. With the FUJIFILM Object Archive tape solution, it is now well-positioned to move into the Zettabyte Age," said Fred Moore, analyst, Horison Information Strategies. "With the merging of file and object, and the combination of its Object Archive solution and Subscription pricing, Fujifilm customers are now positioned to optimize their investment in object storage by tiering cold object data to storage that has the lowest TCO and highest level of security."

Published Tuesday, June 30, 2020 11:55 AM by David Marshall
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