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Why More and More Developers Are Switching to Golang?


In a world of programming languages, why are more making the transition over to Golang? When it comes to programming languages developers are always searching for a simpler, faster, more efficient, and project friendly language to meet their needs. Since its introduction in 2009 Golang has grabbed the attention of the programming market, let's take a look at why more and more developers are making the switch to Golang.

What is Golang?

Golang or Go as it is often called is an open-sourced programming language created by the Google developers Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson back in 2009. It was created to offer Google the following:

  • Faster compiling and executing
  • Eliminating the need for multiple languages for one project
  • Boosting code readability and documentation
  • Providing a high level of code consistency
  • Providing easier maintenance while allowing developing with multiple languages.

The BBC, Google, Apple, and Facebook are just a few of the renowned companies to have already adopted Golang.

What is Golang written in?

Golang was formerly written in C but is now written in Go itself. As of December 2013, the Go team announced their transitioning of the compiler to Go. Since February 2015 the implementation of C has been deleted and the compiler is now self-hosting, with the new compiler first introduced in Go 1.5.

What is Golang used for?

Golang came as an alternative to C++ and Java for app developers. Go is used for improving the speed of programming for large and scalable software systems and network servers.

Is Golang better than Python?

Golang software development has been proven faster than using Python and therefore enhances the availability and reliability of services. This occurs because Go is a compiled language actively compiling any written code into a format the processor understands. Python compiles into byte code which is then executed by a virtual machine.

Why is Golang so popular?

It is easy to see why the language is so highly sought after as it is the only language that offers all three capabilities, being ease of coding, efficient code-compiling, and efficient execution. Boasting scalability, concurrency, error checks and automated garbage collection, Go is not only commercially viable but easy for developers to use due its easy syntax.

The Advantages of using Golang

Golang came as the solution to the difficulties and lack of pace involved when programming for larger scalable servers and network systems. But what are the advantages it has over other programming languages?

Scaling and Concurrency

As hardware progresses over time manufacturers continuously add multiple processes to their systems to improve overall performance. Today's hardware requires a program this able to support concurrency and scale-up performance with the increased number of cores over time. Unlike most programming languages that use threads and consume large amounts of memory often slowing down the pace of compiling and execution. Golang uses basic functions that can run simultaneously and independently when the need arises. These basic functions called Goroutines take up as little as 2kB of memory enabling Go to concurrently handle many tasks at once.

Enhanced Speed and Performance

Processors understand binary so most languages such as Java require to be interrupted into binaries before execution and this takes time. Golang is a compiled language and removing the interpretation step enhances performance and speed of execution.

Unmatched Simplicity

The simplicity of Go is one of the key factors encouraging migration to the language.

  • Unlike other languages, Golang offers no generics or templates which often lead to obscurity and difficulties in understanding.
  • Golang offers the ability to produce a single executable code that can be deployed through copying. Without the need for a runtime library Go eliminates the concerns often linked to versions mismatch or committing mistakes on dependencies.
  • To further simplify the language and keep it straightforward Go comes without a dynamic library. Although G 1.10 now offers developers the option of uploading dynamic libraries through plug-in packages to further extend capability.

Easy to Grasp

Golang is widely known for its simple and clear documentation, with the possibility of learning all its features in just a few hours. It is even easier for software developers who have a foundation in C or Java and those seeking further advancement can simply visit the Go Programming Language Blog.

Simplified Testing

Golang offers a built-in testing and profiling tool which easily and efficiently helps developers test their applications.

Golang Offers great Opportunities

According to market research Go has proven to be the most in-demand programming language across the globe. Couple this with the fact that the developer's result survey of 2019 show's Golang as one of the highest-paid programming languages Go can offer a growing pool of talent that will only increase with time.


With Golang's high-performance systems and large scalable networks, it came as a much-needed addition to the complex market of programming. Already the most in-demand language on the planet and its user base steadily increasing it is only a matter of time before you will need to migrate to Golang. Whether you make this change for quicker server responses or to maintain growing service demands without crashing your existing infrastructure making the change to Golang is a good choice for your business with a predictable future of growth.


Published Monday, July 06, 2020 8:13 AM by David Marshall
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