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Accrediting Your Experience Is Key To Becoming An Authority In Virtual Machine Development


Given the importance of technology in every aspect of modern life, it's no surprise that the US government predict technology-related positions will undergo the biggest market job growth by 2028. With the BLS predicting a 25% growth in new entrants to the technology arena, this means that the labor market will be personified by large amounts of young, if highly-skilled, workers. For current tech industry professionals, that means a new generation of talent will be looking for experienced heads in the industry. Finding ways to accredit and secure your expertise now will help to develop your career in virtual machines (VM) further.

Joining authoritative sources through blogging

A well-trodden path to asserting your credentials is through providing expert voices to major publications. Journalists and technology professionals alike extensively use the web, searching smartly to locate recognized and scholarly sources; these could be scientific journals, or simply news websites that call on industry authority voices to provide perspective and credence to their articles. How do you get into this position to be considered as an authoritative voice? In the modern day, blogging and other ways of sharing thoughts (such as via Twitter or Medium) is the way. As outlined by Forbes, sharing knowledge and perspective with wide audiences will provide you with the credibility of someone who knows their field and is willing to help others learn. In the long term, this can help to develop your career, as high profile names look for experts in that field and go to the natural sources of authority.

Gaining accreditation

Technology (and especially VM work) is, by definition, a field that involves continuous lifelong learning. What some professionals don't do is turn this expertise into accreditation. Multiple online institutes have developed a reputation in the industry for their credibility of their accreditation, and it's important to regularly apply skills in these courses to have a clear indicator of new learning. While it's equally important to demonstrate skills through completed projects and experience, having a mark that shows your talent in a certain skill will certainly help with presenting the full package of capabilities.

Developing new technologies

TechRepublic rightly note that there will be 300,000 new jobs in tech over the next decade; however, many of these are to fill in existing work that the market cannot currently cover. With a focus globally on bringing non-digitally native areas into the modern smart era of tech, new technology does occasionally fall by the wayside. Looking to innovate and develop new standards and technology platforms is therefore a great way to establish authority in the industry, as well as continuing to develop your own career and skills past their current state.

Developing your expertise in VM and wider tech will help you to establish yourself as an authority. This, in turn, will lead to new opportunities and new skills, prolonging and enhancing your career. The key to achieving this? Sharing knowledge, accrediting your skills and looking to push the envelope in terms of innovation.

Published Tuesday, July 28, 2020 1:56 PM by David Marshall
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