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Access Critical Applications On Any Device with the Stratodesk/Inuvika Integration
Stratodesk reveals yet another heavyweight contender into the Stratodesk ecosystem: Inuvika. By partnering with the virtual applications leader, Stratodesk proves its commitment to providing the most versatile solution on the planet. At the same time, Stratodesk software brings unparalleled benefits to OVD Enterprise customers. Ultimately, Inuvika and Stratodesk combine to provide a robust endpoint solution for accessing virtualized applications and workspaces on any device.

"Our relationship with Stratodesk enables customers to redefine how they deliver business-critical applications while at the same time reducing costs and improving service" " says Kevin Gallagher, CEO of Inuvika, "We are very pleased to recommend Stratodesk to our customers as the thin client solution for OVD Enterprise users."

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With so many enterprises and organizations in need of enabling remote work in order to ensure productivity in difficult times, IT leaders need all the help they can get. Together, Inuvika and Stratodesk offer a powerful solution to bolster and secure remote work. Inuvika enables secure delivery of virtual apps, while Stratodesk enables secure reliable end user computing. When us-ing the solution together, enterprises unlock massive benefits in regards to workforce mobility, security, management and more including:

  • Inuvika's Enterprise Desktop Client (EDC) comes preinstalled on NoTouch Desktop, al-lowing for fast and easy deployment within OVD Enterprise environments.
  • The combination of OVD Enterprise with NoTouch-enabled thin endpoints provides a pathway for IT departments to reduce the total cost of PC ownership without sacrificing existing investments in business-critical applications.
  • Centralized management streamlines administration of devices and applications, simplify-ing support and lowering costs.
  • The NoTouch OS environment provides a familiar point-and-click interface for accessing virtualized Windows and Linux applications through the EDC, or HTML5 Web browser. Users can become productive in seconds without extensive training.
  • IT departments enjoy the added flexibility of repurposing legacy x86 devices, alongside modern low-cost devices like the Raspberry Pi.

"Stratodesk's NoTouch Desktop OS and management platform is a powerful endpoint solution for Inuvika customers" says Alex Perkins, Director of Technical Services at Inuvika. "Our shared philosophy of simplifying delivery and management translates into easier administration and lower costs for IT departments. No Touch Center puts the administrator in control with a centralized method for deploying and updating thin endpoint clients quickly and easily, and with-out user intervention. Together with OVD's Web Admin console, IT departments have a comprehensive and remotely managed solution that delivers a great user experience on Raspberry Pi or other No Touch OS devices."

"We're excited to enable Stratodesk and Inuvika customers to access their apps and data in a secure, reliable fashion" says Stratodesk VP of Sales, Hernan Contreras. "We are seeing an in-crease in demand for Stratodesk software specifically due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, enterprises are seeking out different options to securely deliver virtual apps and desktops to end users, regardless of where they are in the world. Inuvika is yet another option, and we're excited to partner with them to make the solution available worldwide."

Recently, Stratodesk and Inuvika worked together with another mutual partner, ClearCube, to deliver a modern shared computing environment in education using thin clients. The customer implemented OVD Enterprise to deliver applications securely to end users via Stratodesk No-Touch software on ClearCube devices. Not only did the customer benefit from enabling workers to access all the apps and data they needed from any location, they were able to ensure security and manageability over all endpoints, cutting down time and increasing deployment process. By leveraging ClearCube thin clients, the customer also saved money and enabled scalability by overcoming budget restraints. It was a powerful trifecta that launched them into the future of work (for more information, read "The Namibia University of Science and Technology finds efficiencies through application virtualization with Inuvika").

"The seamless integration of ClearCube Technology endpoints with Inuvika and Stratodesk solutions provides all the functionalities IT administrators need to deploy, monitor, and manage virtual environments, while overcoming budgetary constraints" said Randy Printz, Executive Chairman of ClearCube Technology. "By leveraging our technologies, users can securely access their data and applications whenever, wherever, and however they need without compromising security, performance or productivity."

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