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VMblog Expert Interview: Ajit Thomas Talks Cavli Wireless, IoT, and Hubble the Connectivity as a Service Cloud Platform


The increasing development of wireless networking technologies has led to a larger base of individuals interested in purchasing IoT devices.  And edge and cloud computing is enhancing the deployment of workloads on IoT devices as well.  Throughout 2020 and beyond, the Internet of Things will have a transformative impact on every single industry across a multitude of use cases and billions of connected objects.

To dive into this topic deeper, VMblog reached out to industry expert Ajit Thomas, Co-founder and CMO of Cavli Wireless, Inc. to learn more.

VMblog:  Before we jump into it, can you give us some background and tell us about Cavli Wireless and your solutions.

Ajit Thomas:  Cavli Wireless is every IoT product maker's gateway to hassle free deployments. With our suite of solutions, we enable product makers to get their IoT solutions ‘Smart Connected' in the most seamless, secure and scalable way possible.

At Cavli Wireless we are simplifying the IoT connectivity infrastructure landscape with our end-to-end suite of Smart embedded modules, eSIM solutions and connectivity cloud platform. We work with telecom operators around the world to provision local IoT data in LTE/ Low Power Wide Area network technologies like NB IoT, LTE-M on our eSIM technology, so that IoT product makers don't have the hassle of navigating this complex fragmented ecosystem.

As our core focus is secure & seamless IoT connectivity enablement, we are positioned to enable pretty much the entire spectrum of use cases from Logistics to Smart utility metering to Asset tracking to applications in Healthcare IoT, thus making our solution industry agnostic.

Cavli Wireless is one among the first players in the industry to launch connectivity modules integrated with eSIM that are preloaded with global IoT data, which can be managed by our own platform - Cavli Hubble. Cavli Hubble gives remote backdoor access to smart modules & eSIMs, thereby giving businesses the confidence to scale seamlessly. There is a layer of intelligence and analytics for connectivity management for IoT solutions that are currently not on offer in the global cellular IoT deployment market.

VMblog:  Tell us about Cavli's innovations, product features and specifications.

Thomas:   Absolutely.

Cavli's Innovations:

  • Connectivity inside Silicon - Embedded modules of the past were just non-intelligent hardware which could do one single pre-programmed activity. We have taken the game ahead by making the Embedded modules , ‘Smart' modules that can be not just a vehicle, but also the intelligent driver that can navigate itself. Our eSIM integrated Smart modules are one among the first ones which are commercially being deployed.
  • Hubble Stack Intelligence - We give the power to IoT device makers to remotely troubleshoot their products and solve almost 80% of issues that could happen on the ground without relying on a field personnel and thereby greatly reducing downtime and ensuring that those IoT devices remain ‘Smart' & ‘Connected' in the true sense.
  • Full suite IoT prototyping Platform: Our product suite can enable any IoT solution player to arrive at scalable enterprise ready versions of their product in record 3 months time from start of integration with our suite.

Cavli's Products:

  • Cavli's suite of solutions is tied to a combination of three pillars: the hardware IoT connectivity smart compute modules, i.e, the C-series and P-Series line of products, Hubble SIM/eSIM solutions that powers connectivity for your device, and our Device & Connectivity Management Platform, the Cavli Hubble.
  • Our smart compute modules P-Series, are designed for durable use, minimal field support requirement, lower total cost of ownership & is ideal for manufacturers looking to quickly design and launch IoT devices in multiple segments and geographies worldwide.
  • Our SIM solutions are available in both traditional Nano-SIM and eSIM form factors. Cavli Hubble's remote provisioning system facilitates local IoT connectivity with over 60+ direct telecom operator partnerships.
  • One of the key objectives of Cavli Hubble is to give control over millions of connected devices with ease. Our cloud platform also enables over-the-air firmware updates that quickly sends new features to remote devices with a click of a button.
  • We directly work with telecom operators around the world to facilitate local data connectivity, thereby ensuring that any IoT product maker or enterprise in any industry, be it logistics, smart agriculture, industrial IoT, smart city applications, can easily build, connect and scale their IoT solutions to any geography in the world in the most seamless manner possible.

VMblog:  So Cavli also provides a Connectivity & Device management Platform called Calvi Hubble.  Can you tell us about it?

Thomas:  Cavli Hubble from Cavli Wireless is our proprietary IoT connectivity as a Service (CaaS) cloud platform for global cellular data subscription management, module & modem management, enabling businesses and industries to build and deploy easily scalable global IoT devices with ease. Our cloud platform also enables over-the-air firmware updates (FOTA) updates that quickly sends new features to remote devices with a click of a button.

VMblog:  What according to you, are the major challenges when scaling up an IoT device globally?  And how does Cavli Wireless help with that?

Thomas:  There are a lot of considerations and details that anyone building an IoT device solution must keep in mind before scaling globally. The IoT landscape is quite fragmented with multiple vendors and choosing the right partners is an uphill task.

Cavli provides our customers with an enterprise grade end-to-end solution that includes all three primary building blocks of an IoT device - The Hardware, the Connectivity & cloud Platform. With Cavli, you get IoT Modules with integrated eSIMs, which is an essential/primary component in your device, along with Cavli Hubble - the robust eSIM & module management platform that allows an IoT solution player to manage everything under one roof for devices at scale. This is a unique offering. Product development companies can mitigate the entry barriers to a full-fledged deployment just by having us as their preferred partner for IoT connectivity enablement.

VMblog:  What industries have the major need and potential for Cavli Wireless?

Thomas:  Cavli's IoT enabling solutions span across verticals and global markets to address the most pressing challenges of today's businesses. We offer integrated IoT solutions that can cater to the broadest range of applications and use cases.

  • Energy and Utilities: Cavli's IoT solutions provide a definite edge by letting customers to seamlessly connect & manage all their energy assets. Our smart energy solutions are straightforward, adaptable and secure thanks to our cloud-based device monitoring and diagnostics solution - Cavli Hubble. A few applications are smart grids, smart meters, smart bins, and smart buildings.
  • Transportation and Logistics: We design solutions that can manage the intricacies of the transit and transport systems in an intelligent, smart and secure manner. Cavli enables automotive manufacturers and stakeholders worldwide to gain a competitive advantage in their deployments. A few applications are fleet management, asset tracking, dynamic traffic management, On-board Diagnostics, and autonomous driving.
  • Industry 4.0:  With Cavli's Industry 4.0 solutions, factories and warehouses can achieve horizontal and vertical integrations of systems, processes, and equipment to achieve real-time decision making and enhanced efficiency. A few applications are connected machinery and equipment, smart wireless manufacturing, and asset management.
  • Agriculture: Smart Farms of today are enabled with multiple sensory application and control systems to manage everything from pumps to heavy machinery and irrigation channels to indoor climate control systems for storage facilities. IoT enabled livestock management provides farmers with real-time information about their livestock - blood pressure, heart rate, and other vitals. A few applications are weather monitoring, smart irrigation, precision farming, cattle tracking/monitoring.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare in IoT ensures a connected ecosystem that helps practitioners to harness the benefits of real-time data transfer. IoT enables medical providers to make quick, smart and potentially life-saving decisions, helping prevent emergencies and possible hospital readmissions. Cavli's suite of cellular IoT enabling solutions ensures that it is effortless to achieve wireless/remote monitoring & management of medical equipment and wearable devices. A few applications are real-time patient monitoring, enhanced biomarker systems, and controlled & intelligent drug delivery.

VMblog:  Talk about Cavli's global presence and availability if you would.

Thomas:  Cavli's internal value chain is spread across continents with niche technology partners traversing Embedded electronics, Telecom technology, and Software cloud optimization services from the United States, France, UK, Brazil, S.Korea, China, Taiwan, HongKong, and Germany. Cavli directly partners with over 60+ telecom companies and powers cellular connectivity requirements for 150+ countries across the globe.

Cavli has business operations across four continents - North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific with sales offices in the United States, Spain, Turkey, Oman with the Innovation center set up in India.

VMblog:  Cavli Wireless aims to become one of the Top 5 global solution providers for cellular IoT implementation, what are the key elements you need in order to achieve this?

Thomas:  To emerge as the top 5 global solution providers for cellular IoT implementation, Cavli is building an aggressive global sales operation that would make strong inroads into newer markets. With a passionate team that believes in the vision and an agile Research & Development process that addresses how we considerably shrink the value chain of IoT deployments, will always ensure that we are three steps ahead of the game amongst our competitors in the cellular IoT industry space.

VMblog:  Tell us about the recently launched Hubble99 IoT bundle offer.

Thomas:  Hubble99 is the most ambitious IoT adoption plan that has ever hit the IoT industry globally.For an irresistible package price of $0.99/month/device, IoT solution players get the eSIM integrated connectivity hardware of their choice of technology, pre-loaded IoT data pack, and the robust Connectivity-Device management cloud platform, all together as one single package. All Cavli smart modules offered as part of Hubble99, come with a lifetime warranty, thereby taking away any apprehensions regarding how a net-zero priced module will take care of your connectivity needs.

With Hubble99 IoT product/solution makers can

  • Enjoy lifetime warranty of IoT modules as long as the data plan is active
  • Get access to local IoT networks in over 180+ countries
  • Get 24/7 dedicated Customer support & Application support
  • Gain remote access for firmware and application management with Cavli Hubble
  • Save capital investments on IoT projects by 50% in year one and 30% in three years time.
  • Get to a ‘ready to deploy' scalable version of their IoT product in 3 months time

VMblog:  Sounds like Hubble99 is the first of its kind IoT hardware bundle that negates the cost of IoT connectivity hardware.  What did you spot in the marketplace that convinced you that this approach is needed?

Thomas:  We believe that connecting every object in the physical world to the internet will most seamlessly and efficiently solve the majority of problems. To fast track that vision, we realized the industry requires a disruptive solution; one that can enable established solutions makers as well as the new entrants to BUILD, CONNECT and SCALE their ‘Smart-Connected' solution

  • First and foremost, without making any compromise on the quality of the service
  • Secondly, at a fraction of the cost of what the current technology providers service the market

We realized that IoT product makers so far do not have access to a technology enabler that not only takes away a lot of hassles at once, but also brings them great cost benefits helping them to deploy those savings either to enhance their research or improve their marketing initiatives.

This led us to defining Hubble99 with a singular vision to enable as many IoT product makers as we can, on the planet.

VMblog:  What is the impact of 5G and NB-IoT in IoT devices?  How fast do you sense the adoption?

Thomas:  With connectivity as the foundation for smart devices, 5G will play a major role in the Internet of Things as a whole. NB-IoT will be the de facto choice for all 'Smart' connected things due to its low-power consumption and throughput.

With the 5G boom, smart devices are expected to get cheaper and more accessible to all, and NB-IoT over 5G is expected to take the baton from NB IoT over LTE when 5G network penetration improves. With an estimate of over 25 Billion devices getting connected to the internet by 2025, there is no doubt that the adoption rate to these new technologies will be faster with the unique low-power consuming applications expected to ride on Narrow Band technology  5G chipsets.


About Ajit Thomas

Ajit is a Marketing & Operations professional with experience across Telecom, Media & Technology domains. After stints in Engineering Sales & Marketing management, Ajit first co-founded & helped build a Media-Marketing company which is now a self-sustaining ecosystem, after which he joined forces with three other passionate technology-business leaders to set up Cavli Wireless, an emerging technology company in the Wireless-IoT domain and is the company's Chief Marketing Officer.  Cavli has sales operations in the United States, Europe (Spain, Germany) & Middle East (Turkey,Oman) with the Innovation center set up in India.  Driven by a strong passion for story-telling, Ajit is most excited about technology marketing for the global audience. He is motivated to infuse brand building into every perceivable touch point for businesses or products that he manages.

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