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10 Steps to Developing an Effective Web Presence


Every business must seek to have an online presence. Whether you operate a small company or sell goods online, you can utilize a website, social media platforms, and other online profiles to reach a higher number of potential customers within a relatively short period.

The way you operate the internet is an integral aspect of digital marketing. You don't need to advertise digitally on an expensive website before your business will have an excellent online visibility.

Here are ten proven measures that will enable your small business to have a productive and successful online presence:

1.     Make your website mobile-responsive

In 2016, a study estimate indicated that over 90 per cent of consumers use their mobile devices to make purchases, and 63 per cent use their mobiles for price analysis and product feedback.

If consumers have a bad interaction with a mobile app, 40 % will switch to a better service. You have to make your website responsive to smartphone users if you intend to operate a good eCommerce website.

2.     Make your website 100% safe

When your website allows customers to pay electronically and needs them to provide personal data, it is essential to create trust in the use of encryption algorithms and well-established security service to protect sensitive data and information.

Also, ensure your identification tags and certificates are displayed prominently on the website homepage.

3.     Make your website easy to locate

You need a domain name identifying your business or your company name. You may also get multiple domains referring to the page. A business page on Facebook is a good start, but you should prefer a website.

Your site should have a brandable and memorable domain to boost your site's SEO. And if the local market is your main target audience for your business goods or service, you may consider a ccTLD domain name for your website.

For example, if your business is New Zealand-based with your primary target market in the country, finding a perfect option from a range of kiwi domain names option might be your best bet.

4.     Develop a list of emails

Building an email list is one of the easiest ways to improve your online presence. On a regular, weekly, or annual basis, an email list helps you reach existing and future customers. You should build other items like gated content, so users have to sign-up before gaining access; this would help expand the email list.

It would help if you also used a call-to-action (CTA) on your website and social networking accounts to enhance your email newsletter. Besides, you may use the content management software (CMS)  to build templates, CTAs, or pop-ups for email address selection to assist in creating an email list.

5.     Maintain your website

It is essential to have an online protection strategy as websites are getting hacked right and left. Even if the site is small, big, non-profit, or profitable, web pages are continually being hacked.

Your site is just waiting for hacks unless a protection strategy has been developed. The loss of the SEO rankings, being blacklisted by Google, and the leakage of useful knowledge are few reasons a hack can be dangerous. Invest in maintaining your website to prevent hackers from gaining access.

6.     Invest in Blogging

This remains one of the most profitable digital marketing operations every year.

But to build blogs that generate curiosity and interest, create a readers' list, and reach everywhere, you need a fantastic and original content that is consistently posted to run a blog effectively.

And, according to the HubSpot report, posting improves a  website traffic and leads.

The number of leads you will get from investing in blogging will be higher than your competitors who do nothing like that. For blogging to become successful, consistency, accuracy, and originality have to be invested in.

Blogging is one of the best ways to get your presence known digitally to develop an active web presence.

7.     Develop relevant content

It might be challenging to create the best content for your target audience, but it is smart to build a marketing plan to determine what content the audience needs to see in order for you to gain excellent online visibility.

When your target audience searches for a solution, it will be appropriate if the right content at the correct time is found. Get your attention and help them with a problem, and you become a valuable resource for advice.

8.     Master SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most straightforward strategies to build your web profile since algorithms shift regularly. The first move in becoming visible online is to master SEO.

SEO can be classified into two groups: SEO on-site and SEO off-site

SEO on-site

This is all about the contents. You would want to use keyword analysis and produce informative content to suit your target audiences' search queries.

SEO Off-Site

You will consider the more technological aspect. Of starters, your platform should be set up correctly, you would need to set up your URL to make it simple and ensure it has a quick loading time.

9.     Using social networks

Social networking is an integral aspect of the web presence that enhances your chances of raising additional sales and building consumer loyalty. This promotes consumers, prospective customers, and other interested parties through a forum that is essential for their everyday lives.

10.     Display love and anticipation

While it is fair to claim it can be anxious to digitally (or physically) bring your company out, you have a head start when you connect with your target audience.

Concentrate on what you are doing and why you are doing it. The customer will note your authenticity, motivation, and enthusiasm -and they will positively respond to your company.

Wrapping up

An online presence is very important to any business enterprise. Evidence has shown that 97% of potential customers are digitally searching for local companies, while 94% of the B2B purchasers are consulting firms from the internet.

You need to make continual efforts to maintain your presence and brand image on multiple platforms once it is established. Building your brand improves your commitment, traffic, and conversion indicators dramatically.


Published Friday, September 11, 2020 7:15 AM by David Marshall
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