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VMblog Expert Interview: Omry Hay of env0 Talks Open Source Automation Tool, Terratag


Today, VMblog spoke with env0 Co-founder and CTO Omry Hay to learn more about their news announcement around Terratag.

VMblog:  You announced Terratag today.  Can you tell us more about it?

Omry Hay:  Terratag is an open-source automation tool specifically designed to help developers and DevOps teams avoid the pain of manual resource tagging.

Resource tagging is critical for infrastructure provisioning but has always been one of the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of DevOps. Even when managing infrastructure-as-code in Terraform, tagging is an involved, lengthy process.  Currently in order to execute a tagging strategy, DevOps engineers first create it manually in their Terraform code. This process easily generates human error, particularly when the user is required to keep track of each and every change in a fast-growing code base.

Terratag automates the way Terraform users tag their cloud resources to improve visibility into their cloud costs and enable them to create standards within the company when it comes to tagging and labeling resources to backtrack their cloud usage.

VMblog:  How will Terratag help the Terraform community?

Hay:  Terratag helps users of Terraform automate one of the most time-consuming aspects of infrastructure deployment, allowing developers to code rather than spend time tagging resources. It also helps promote the benefits of infrastructure-as-code architecture, making IaC adoption more useful to teams using legacy infrastructure and developers testing out proof of concept deployments.

We've been lucky enough to be part of the passionate Terraform community since founding env0 and wanted to give back to the groups and individuals who have helped us develop and test our self-service cloud environments platform. That's why Terratag isn't built to be proprietary, but available to the open source community at large. Licensed under Mozilla Public License V2.0, Terratag automatically tags infrastructure resources; cutting down on errors and time spent tagging.

VMblog:  How does env0 track cloud costs and why is automatic tagging of cloud resources important?

Hay:  At env0, we believe that it's critical for individual developers and enterprises to track their own cloud costs, especially when using infrastructure-as-code.

IaC is a powerful technology that enables developers to provision and manage any cloud resource in an automated, declarative way. However, IaC also makes it far too easy to create massive cloud cost damage. With a simple code modification, configuration change, or API call, a developer can initiate a very expensive orchestration of unneeded cloud resources.

Our approach is to combine both orchestration and cloud management into a single platform, offering proactive environment governance and deeper cloud cost insights without any additional manual work. Currently, there's no good way to give developers insight into how much their cloud deployments cost. By providing self service infrastructure tools and immediate and easy visibility into existing cloud spend, automated resource tagging along with enforced budgets and other controls, we strive to provide the whole team with greater responsibility for delivering more efficient infrastructure.

VMblog:  How will Terratag make DevOps and infrastructure teams more effective?

Hay:  DevOps and infrastructure teams today wear many hats. They are expected to be release managers and evangelists one day, compliance and security managers the next, then developers or QA testers, etc. It's a lot of different tasks that can easily take up time and resources.

We want to streamline part of their job by simplifying one of the most time-consuming tasks without losing the insights needed to securely manage modern infrastructure environments. The DevOps process was originally adopted to improve IT efficiency and we want to take that to the next level by improving infrastructure provisioning and help teams more efficiently manage their infrastructure.

VMblog:  Anything else VMblog readers should know?

Hay:  If you're a Terraform user interested in trying Terratag, you can find all the files on GitHub at


Published Wednesday, September 16, 2020 8:16 AM by David Marshall
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