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Most accurate, data-backed VPN Speed Comparison Tool Launched, a leading resource for security product reviews and privacy insights, has released their own VPN Speed Test as a tool to help media, reviewers and consumers objectively assess VPN speeds and compare the world's TOP virtual private network providers. created a new VPN speed test methodology which evaluates the VPN infrastructure more directly and realistically than the other publicly available speed testing methods. 

Unlike existing resources, the VPN Speed Comparison tool can objectively assess VPN speeds and compare different VPN services. The tool automatically measures speed directly from server to server several times a day in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, UK and Germany. The tool skips a huge part of the infrastructure that impacts the results of any regular speed test, including: 

  • Interconnect links chosen by the ISP
  • Infrastructure of the user's ISP
  • The user's selected bandwidth plan

"VPN speed is at the heart of the user experience, but accurately evaluating and comparing it is not easy. The speed test results in online articles usually present a single moment in time - a single speed reading from a single location and during a specific time for that specific tester," said Jan Youngren, Security Researcher at VPNpro. "Even if they are based on more than 1 speed test, they still tell us a lot more about the public internet infrastructure than the VPN infrastructure."

VPNpro tool also minimizes the impact of anomalies caused by abnormally high or low server loads, the time of day/week the test was conducted, the country of the VPN server you are connected to, and various other factors. This allows VPNpro to average out the results and give you automatic and comparable data on how TOP VPN providers perform.

Currently, on the VPNpro Speed Comparison tool you can compare 10 most popular VPN providers and their download/upload speeds over the period of 7, 14 or 30 days in 5 countries.  VPNpro is constantly improving the tool and plans to add more countries and VPN providers soon.

Published Thursday, October 22, 2020 4:04 PM by David Marshall
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